Carpentry Fun Time: Sanding Games for Children

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If your child can hold a piece of sandpaper, they can begin their first woodworking project! Think I’m crazy? Watch, I’ll prove it to you. But first, take your child on a field trip to get scrap wood. Go to a local lumber yard or construction site and ask the yard/site manager for any scraps that they may have. Use your discretion on the size of the scraps based on what your child can easily handle; or better yet, let them choose which scrap pieces to take home.

Fun with Sandpaper

Well first, here’s one quick project that you can do with them to teach them about what sandpaper does. Once you’ve helped them set up their woodworking space, set out some sandpaper of different grades, ranging from extra-fine to coarse. Show them how to use the sandpaper on a piece of scrap wood, explaining to them what you’re doing.

Then let them experiment with sanding the wood. As they work, encourage them to tell you how the wood changes. Once they get the hang of it, have them experiment with the different grades of sandpaper. Are they having fun yet? See? Now your child is ready for their first real woodworking project.

Building Blocks

This one is simple. Get some paint ready while your child uses the sandpaper to smooth several wood block scraps from the lumber yard or construction site. After they decide that the blocks are smooth enough, have them paint the wood scraps to make a set of building blocks. Once the paint drys, voila! Project number one is complete and your child has extra building blocks to add to their collection. Now we’re ready to get advanced.

Sanding Blocks

You’ll need to have sandpaper, wood glue and wooden spool “handles” ready to go for this one. Give your child two small wood blocks and have them sand their blocks down until they are smooth. Next, help them glue sandpaper squares to one side of their blocks and a wooden spool “handle” on the other side. When the glue has dried, your child now has sandpaper blocks that they can use as rhythm instruments. Woodworking project number two complete! Well, almost. Guide your child through the process of cleaning up their work space and putting all their supplies away in their proper places. Okay, now their project is complete.

Children under the age of three will love these projects and will probably want to know when they can make some more sand blocks or building blocks. Pretty good start huh? The great thing is, now that they know how to sand, your child can help you with your woodworking projects!

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