Simple Wood Table Plans – A Great Way to Recover From the Recession

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One of the most frequently asked questions of 2010 was, "How can I make money in a recession?" There are many answers to that question but the one that many of us miss is, "Do something you love."

A woodworker is a unique type of person. He or she typically has a keen eye for color and style, they see details that others miss, and they love the smell of aged wood. A woodworker might dream of pieces and designs that they want to make, even if their skills are a bit weak.

A woodworking business can be a huge moneymaker for a skilled craftsman. The recent recession has brought woodworkers out from the garage and onto their computers, selling their work. Good quality furniture is always in demand, especially when it is made to a customer's specifications. A good set of plans can help you get started with a business that can earn you money at home.

A coffee table is an excellent first project. Most everyone needs one, there are many styles to choose from, and you can make many tables in a reasonable amount of time. A good set of plans can be your ticket to getting started on your first money-making project.

Coffee tables can range from mission style in a rich mahogany brown, a contemporary dark black, or a toasty oak. Combine a beautiful wood with your favorite style.
Here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. Create a dedicated work space. You'll be more creative if you're organized. Set aside a place in your home, basement or garage where your project can remain undisturbed. Be sure your work area has an electrical outlet and a place to organize your tools.

2. Buy or create simple table design plans. Do not be tempted to start working without a plan. You'll work more efficiently if you have exact measurements, a project layout and timeline. If you work with a good plan you'll generate less waste. Wasted material could cost you your hard-earned profit.

3. Work safely. Wear eye protection, keep your work area free from clutter, and follow the safety recommendations of your electrical tools. Keep a trash can nearby to keep scraps out of your way.
If you've been affected by the recession you can use your woodworking skills to bring in extra money. If you've always wanted to learn to build wood furniture, this is a good reason to learn.

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