Woodworking Table Saws – What You Must Know Before You Buy

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Woodworking table saws are a really great tool for either the professional or amateur woodworker. You can cut wood easily across the grain, or you can rip wood (cutting it with the grain). The great thing about these types of saws in general, is they provide much straighter accurate cuts than a hand held skill type saw will. In this article, we're going to learn about the four types of saws and what they're used for. From that you can decide which type will best suit your budget and needs.

In general, there are four types of table saws, benchtop, contractor, cabinet, and hybrid saws. The cheapest are benchtops. They're also the most portable of all types of these types of saws. Cabinet devices are the most expensive and the most accurate. Let's look at all four types.

If you want a good saw to cut interior and exterior trim, and also various other types of woodworking, which needs to be accurate, a benchtop saw might easily be the ticket. Benchtop saws do not come with a stand. You can put them on the ground, on a bench, or even on the tailgate of your pickup. The cost on the low hundreds of dollars.

Contractor woodworking saws are like benchtop saws, except they come with legs. Usually these legs are folding. Contractor saws weigh and cost more. But if you need more stability, and you are not worried about carrying the thing around a lot, then a contractor saw might be what you need.

Cabinet saws are made for finer work – work that needs more precision, such as cabinetry, or fine furniture making. Consequently, cabinet saws cost quite a bit more. They're also not at all portable. As a matter of fact, they're made from very heave cast iron to give them stability.

Hybrid saws fill the space between contractor saws and cabinet saws. Think of a hybrid woodworking table saw as a sort of heavy duty contractor saw or a light weight cabinet saw. Either way.

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