Fido Needs a New Doghouse – Free Doghouse Plans

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So Fido needs a new doghouse. Why do not you build one using free doghouse plans you can find online? If you have a few basic wood working tools you can build Fido's next home yourself.

You love your dog and want to keep him sentered from the elements. He needs a place to call home. A place to feel comfortable and safe. Your dog needs to stay dry when it is raining and warm in the winter. He needs a doghouse.

There are several options for a doghouse. The first option is to buy one. Seek out a local craftsman or carpenter that can build one for you. This may be more expensive than you can afford. A better option is to build your own if you have a few tools or can rent or borrow tools you do not have.

Doghouses are not difficult to build. First do some research on your breed of dog to find out what is the best size doghouse for him. It can not be too small or he can not get in it and be comfortable; at the same time it can not be too large either or it will not do an adequate job of keeping him warm.

Once you have decided on a size, gather up your tools and materials and get started. This project can be finished in a day.

You will need a circular saw or table saw to cut plywood, a hammer and nails, maybe a cordless or corded drill with a screwdriver and screws and a paintbrush. Materials you need are plywood, a treated 2 x 4, nails, exterior screws, shingles, and paint or stain to protect the wood.

Now it is time to get to building. Cut your plywood to make a floor, sidewalls, front and back walls, and roof. Cut a treated 2 x 4 to make a base that will hold the doghouse off the ground. It will also be a good idea to cut pieces of 2 x 2 or 2 x 4 for framing material to attach the plywood to. Now assemble the parts, put some shingles on the roof, paint and you are done.

Once the paint is completely dry, introduce Fido to his new doghouse. He will stay nice and warm through the winter months and love you for taking such good care of him.

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