How to Buy a Table Saw – 3 Great Tips!

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Want to buy a table saw but not sure how? It's probably easier than you think, once you figure out what you want and how much your budget is. Table saws come in all price ranges from $ 150 to over $ 1500! Also, there are various types of saws for various uses. Let's look at all of this and see if I can help you make the right decision.

Tip 1

Figure out what you're going to use the saw for! Do you want a hobby saw? Are you a professional? If you are a professional, what are you using the saw for? Cutting exterior trim and making furniture are two different things and require two different types of saw.

Tip 2

How portable does the saw need to be? Are you going to carry your saw from job site to job site several times a day, or can you leave it in one place? If you're carrying it around, does it need legs? Benchtop saws do not come with legs. You have to put them on something, a bench, tailgate, even the ground will do. Contractor saws have legs, but you sacrifice a little portability for that. (They weight more!)

Tip 3

What's your budget? $ 150 will buy you a table saw that will work okay for weekend hobbies. If, however, you're going to be using this baby in your work, it's going to cost more. A rugged benchtop saw will run you $ 300 or more. A contractor saw should run a few hundred more than that. If you're interested in fine woodworking, then you'll need either a cabinet table saw or a hybrid table saw, both of which run upwards of $ 1,000

So, figure out what you need and then you'll be able to buy the right saw.

Source by L. Robert Cole

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