Making Wooden Toys

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There are many benefits to making wooden toys. There is the joy of practicing a craft that improves as you continue down the path. There is the craft of making the toys with hand tools and then a completely different craft is practiced as you finish or paint the toy.

The toys can either be gifted or sold but it can be seen as a craft that pleases the maker and then more pleasure can be had watching the enjoyment that the person that receives the toy can experience.

Some toys can be made with very common hand tools and others can require a shop full of power tools. The choice is up to the maker.

Toys can be of many sizes. They can be as small as a toy wooden soldier or as large as a toy wagon or playhouse. The variety is up to the imagination of the maker.

There are other benefits of wooden toys. They can fire a child's imagination. Many child development centers have found that simple wooden toys are preferred to the fancy technological type toys. They have found that children can take something as simple as a toy car or a set of blocks and take it where their imagination leads. The technologically sophisticated toys are very directional and tend to leave less to the imagination of the child.

Wooden toys are more sanitary than plastic or metal toys. A wooden toy in the same room as a plastic or metal toy will have fewer germs on it surface than a plastic or metal car. It seems that wood sees to contain some naturally antibiotic characteristics.

Wooden toys are more ecologically friendly. Over time wood will break down and deteriorate. It is not known how long the plastics and metals we use today will linger in our land fills.

The beginning woodworker will find many types of toys that they can begin building right away and the more advanced woodworker has no limit to the possibilities of plying his craft. There is no limit the enjoyment that can come from making wooden toys

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