Personal Development – Simple Tips To Help Improve Your Daily Routine

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For most of us, the busy schedule of our job, family, and extra life activities consumes our time and can strain our emotions. Without a routine vacation from the madness, some people can become sick or even develop dangerous health problems. In this article, I would like to share with you the wonderful method that I have used for years to balance out those difficult times in my life as well as create the occasional relaxation paradise that we all deserve from time to time.

As a father of three boys and a husband to a beautiful wife, I am very blessed to have an active house in the evenings. Most of the time, its great because I love my family very much, but at times I just need to relax and focus on what is around me from a different angle. In the case of my job, I love it … especially on the weekends when I am not there. Just a little humor, but in all honesty, I like what I do. I work in a professional office as the middle man between both the sales and engineering departments. With a Mechanical Design Associates degree and Bachelors degree in Business Marketing, I am a perfect fit for the job. You're probably saying to yourself right now that this guy has a great life with the perfect job, a happy family, and little stress, but I will say that it is because way. Just like everyone else, I start off my day in a house that I feel is too small for me. I drive to work in a car that needs to be fixed and my family with boys can easily become a mad house in a matter of seconds. At work I spend most of my week in front of a computer that provides a good deal of frustration while answering regular phone calls from people who need help fixing problems. To make things more crazy, I am very busy as both a drummer and Sunday School Superintendent for my local church. I tell you all these things to show you that I have my share of stress just like most people. Each of us have stress in different ways, but much of our stress is because of choices that we make through the day.

To help cope with this stress, I invite you to make a few simple changes in your schedule in the following ways. First, I challenge you to lay out your clothes for the next morning and go to bed a half hour earlier tonight and wake up a half hour earlier in the morning. (If you are reading this on a working day of the week, this will be even more beneficial.) Next, I want you to use this extra time to do three things. Spend ten minutes sitting on the floor in a room that has room to stretch and stretch your arms, legs, back and finish up with a few simple sit-ups and push-ups. Do not over do it, just a couple of each to get the blood moving in your body and to help you wake up those sleeping muscles. If you enjoy this part of the morning, you can make the decision to add more time to your routine to turn it into a workout, but for now, we are only helping you wake up slowly. Okay moving forward, I want you to take the next ten minutes to eat a light breakfast. Maybe a piece of toast with some orange juice a bowl of cereal or a muffin. Whatever you do, make sure you are remember that today is your day to relax and it starts with treating yourself right. Then for the last 10 minutes I would like you to start getting ready for your day early. Sounds too simple, but it works to start the day off great.

On your way to work, turn off the radio and just spend some time to yourself. Maybe enjoy a coffee or hot chocolate on your way as you drive a little slower than you usually do. Whatever you do make relaxing by giving yourself time, avoiding distractions, and just taking some time to look around you at things you normally drive on by your usual routine. (Of course be conscience of the road while you drive.)

While at work, start your day off by giving someone a compliment. Add a few simple thank you's to your conversation and spend a little time preparing for your daily routine before you actually start your job. If things are not going well, tell yourself that there is always tomorrow to work out the details that can not be fixed today and move on. At the end of the day, go home, but this time, turn on the radio to a station that is only playing music. Avoid anything that is distracting to a relaxing car ride and save that for a different day. Once you get home, take a half hour or more to yourself before starting any projects or supper for the family. This is your time, use it how you want.

Personally, I use this time to listen to music on my laptop with headphones on to help cancel out all the noise around me. I like to sit in a soft chair and let me arms and legs stretch out to relax the muscles. At this point, my attitude about the day is great and I am ready to spend time with the family. I choose to play a game or do some type of activity with my children for about an hour. We eat supper and then either watch a movie or use this time to get some things done around the house. Then depending on what time we have left after laying the kids down, my wife and I spend our time together. Of course life has a way of changing things up from day to day, but overall the same basic plan is put in place from Monday to Friday. Then on Saturday and Sunday, my wife and I spend more time together and as a family we try to split time between hobbies, remodeling the house, kid time, and time with friends.

Life is great when you plan your daily schedule ahead of time. Give yourself some breathing room by limiting how many activities you commit yourself to each day. Then when you have free time, enjoy it, especially with the people you love the most and when you can plan some time to repeat the activities that you enjoy, do so.

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