5 Key Tips on How to Determine Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Quality Workmanship

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So you're thinking about getting a new look for your kitchen, but you've heard more than just a few horror stories about kitchen and bath remodeling projects. You have talked to a few friends, acquaintances and work associates and asked them, but they have really only made you even more confused as to "Who do I trust to do a quality job for the right price?"

First, you need to get at least three estimates. Even then, do you simply play yellow-pages-roulette and hope that, of the three estimates you receive, your gut will tell you which one will perform with the level of workmanship and reward you with the quality you deserve. It would be so easy to throw in the towel and go with the first bid, or flip a coin after going through the ordinal of the initial two. Nope, do your diligence and pursuit onward until you have that third quote in hand.

Second, forget about all those kitchen remodeling war stories. Hey, try to push it out of your mind if there are any images of a guy's butt crack when he bends over. Or how about stale sleazy cigarette smells and butt remains in your flower patch if you accept the lowest bid and go with that contractor? Keep the image of a beautiful kitchen as your entire focus.

Third, hang in there tough. Without a doubt, you could easily wonder if it is too much to ask for if you decide you want a reasonable price combined with a craftsmanship performance. There are ways for you to get some answers, but it will take some research on your end, though in the final result, it will absolutely be worth the effort.

Fourth, check the portfolio of each kitchen remodeling company you talk to. Any contractor with sufficient experience and worth his salt will have several references of jobs performed. Be bold and call the customer who had the work done right while the contractor is in your presence. Watch his reaction and you will know what to do after this scenario. Do this with all of them, even if it makes you uncomfortable.

Last, obtain a written guarantee. All kitchen remodeling professional contractors will require supply with a detailed agreement explaining exactly what work will be performed and a description of the materials to be used. This written document should give you real peace of mind. Even though you may have talked extensively with the company representative, you must still read the whole contract. Do not forget to study the fine print. There's no reason to call in the expensive family lawyer though.

These five key points should help you during your journey to a fantastic kitchen remodeling project. We hope you achieve the quality craftsmanship in the materials and workmanship in the installation at a cost you can afford or are willing to pay. More important than anything, listen to your intuition which will tell you what to choose. No matter what, you will make the right decision whatever the choice you make.

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