Choosing the Best Log Floor Plan

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Can you imagine having driven 4 hrs to reach what you thought was your dream cabin – only to be greeted with 6 inches of water in the basement – and worse, water pouring through the front door from the raised plot of land just up yonder? Well – it was a big thunderstorm (but not the first).

You loved the design of the cabin, the rooms flowed, the space was good. Shame about the fact that it is quite dark most of the year – the windows do not quite do what you thought they would. Is it the trees – or are the windows too small? There is one room though that gets lots of sunlight – its the double height great room – but the glare in there is uncomfortable (you did not think to have tinted windows) and no-one likes to sit there for long. Shame to block out the (only bit of) sun.

It's not the first time the basement has flooded – you did not really think all that water would flow off the hill just behind "your ideal spot". The basement is great – but can only be reached from the outside – so the kids cant go down there on their own without an adult – so that's another room that is hardly ever used and is bit of a disappointment. And one more thing that anoys you – the porch where you pictureed lots of parties, friends enjoying a steak and a glass of wine – is big enough for you and your husband – and that's it. That's a big deal to you as it means you all have to squeeze on to the grass at the side of the plot for cookouts – and that's another thing – you were sure there was going to be more more land around the cabin to relax in. ..some piece of heaven this is turning out to be !!

So what's gone wrong? Plain and simple – The Log Floor Plan is NOT where you start! There are hundreds of plans out there – but if you do your homework at the very beginning of your project – and consider the important factors listed next, you will be able to eliminate scores of plans straight away – because you know they wont meet your carefully thought out list of needs and wants for your dream cabin.

I am in the process of researching lots of plans and have found that there is more to choosing a floor plan than I first imagined!

For instance – your Floor Plan may be too much for your budget! Now that's guaranteed to leave a sour taste in your mouth!

Did you want (or need) a basement? Will you have to dig to create one – or is your plot of land going to give you a natural inlet? Is it just for storage – or is it usable living space – who will use it?

And what about that plot of land? Is it waterfront, mountain, woods? Will your exterior compliment the views? Is it shaded – how much light will get in – do you need overhangs to keep the sun out – or double picture windows to attract all there is?

How many people will you have at one time – and for how many time in the year? Do you intend to retire there to live permanently? What recreation do you do – do you need a mud room – room for boat or bike storage on the land. Will your cabin look too big for the plot? If you are going to retire there – how far is it from the nearest amenities. Will you need the master bedroom downstairs, not now, but later? Do you need office space – what can you use it for later when you do retire. 4 bedrooms not enough now – too many when you retire? The garden – how much maintenance in relation to how many times you can visit?

And so it goes on. There are lots of things to consider. When you have thought these things through – you can then start to narrow your search down. One of the best books I have bought is the "100 Best Log Home Floor Plans" – which gives an awesome selection for everyone's tastes and needs, very clearly presented information and photographs to help you make your final choice.

If you are reading this and have a story to share regarding choosing your Log Floor Plan, or the building of your cabin – good or bad – please share – I look forward to hearing from you!

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