How To Add Value To Your Existing Home

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Best Home Improvement Ideas To Increase Your Home's Value

If selling your home is in your future, or if you desire a new look, you have several options for projects that will boost the property value. There are renovation projects that seem attractive now, but they add nothing to your home's current value and may even put a strain on your budget. Put these ideas to good use so that you can be more comfortable in your own surroundings, and get the best sale price for your home later on.

A kitchen renovation

The kitchen of any home can be a make or break decision point when it comes to buyers, so this makes it the first room that should be upgraded. As a matter of fact, when you go to the time and expense to remodel your kitchen, you will normally gain back 60% to 80% of your investment — sometimes more! The changes need to be smart nonetheless, which will help to cut on costs and create opportunities of getting some quick profit from the sale.

Try to make sure that the design you opt for matches the rest of your home. For instance, if the home has a modern design, you should not redesign the kitchen with a rustic atmosphere. When you are not sure where to start, you can consider installing new appliances. Better yet, if it fits your budget, consulting with an interior decorator may be the way to go.

Adding A Second Bathroom

If you only have one bathroom in your home, the installation of a second one is definitely going to pay dividends. Although bathroom additions tend to be expensive, the money you put into the project can be almost irrevocably when it comes time to sell.

Before getting started, you would need to find a good spot for it. You can start looking at any room that has no designated purpose, like a spare bedroom. The space under the stairs is usually unused and left to go to waste. You need 18 square feet for a bathtub, as a minimum, but the more space you have the better. You need to look carefully to make sure the space you want to use is going to give you the bathroom that you want.

Reinventing An Existing Room

Transforming a basic room into something more useful is an easy way to increase the value of your home. The more square footage that you have, the easier it is to find a room that you can use. Unfortunately, this is a risky project because you may not recoup the money that you are investing into perfecting it. In addition, adding a room is often more complicated than anticipated and can bring on new problems that end up to be costly.

A better strategy would be to upgrade an existing space. It will be a modification that will not drill a huge hole in your pockets. An unused basement is like a blank canvas; it can become a bedroom or rec room. Another often forgotten space is the garage which is perfect for an apartment, bringing the added benefit of potential rental income. This is the kind of creativity that can add real value to a home.

Instead of teasing down walls, try to brainstorm every possible idea that you can, thinking from the perspective of potential buyers that will be looking at your house. Remember creativity, versatility, and functionality will add value to your home.

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