Problems With Face Painting

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Kids love to have their face painted. They love to look like tigers and wolves or magical fairy princesses and escape into the world of their imaginations and why should not they? It's every child's right to live in their imagination for as long as they wish to, but parents and carers need to be a little more level head and aware of all the facts.

Some paints can be dangerous. Some brands have had to be recalled and it is important that when you buy your face paintings that you do your research properly and you do business with reputable painting companies.

A Few Facts

Some painting brands in the past have caused skin reactions and rashes on the children who have used them.
Not all paintings are bad for children or are dangerous for the skin in any way.
The FDA does not have the legal power to regulate face paintings before they go on the market.
The FDA does have the legal power to regulate the colors that are used in them.
The FDA can not recall dangerous face paintings from the market.
The FDA is able to ask the manufacturer of those dangerous face paintings to recall their own product.
It is, therefore, worth reporting any worrying findings that you have about particular paints to the FDA.

A Few Pieces of Advice

Only use paintings that are intended for the skin.
If face paints smell bad, they may be full of bad bacteria and you should throw them away immediately.
Check labels carefully to be sure about placing paints near delicate areas such as the eyes beforehand.
Check a dab of paint on your arm before a week before you then use the paint on a child's face.
Are the colors in the paints FDA approved? They should be.
Never sleep with paint still on as it will irritate the skin.
Fluorescent colors should never be used near the eyes. Never.

Painting faces on the whole is a very positive, fun experience. Check your paintings and your paint manufacturer well and there is no reason why painting should do anything but put a smile on your child's face.

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