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If you want to start a membership site, there are two ways you can go. The choice is either free or paid membership sites.

A paid website simply means a member pays a fee such as a monthly subscription.

As a web entrepreneur, a couple of facts are alluring. Paid or free, these two types of membership web sites share a vital commonality.

Members are composed of individuals who have the same needs and share an emotionally 'amped up' interest about something. They share quite a passion for the niche the membership is based on.

That's the social power and where you can come in and profit.

For starters, one can buy a domain, set up a membership website and not charge for the membership. Yet, you still get to select who to admit and who does not admit according to your rules as in a paid privileged membership.

Profit intentionally comes from sales to members after they enroll in the site. There are other ways to easily monetize too such as AdSense.

There are free group network sites that might be used for your purpose. Two examples of free membership group sites are on MSN and Yahoo.

It will cost nothing for you to set these group membership sites up; no charge for a person to enroll; no paid administrators or moderators.

Each group membership site sets its own rules on how to join and the code of conduct.

Membership websites exist for any topic or subject imaginable. For instance, Niche membership sites abound for people with health concerns such as Diabetes or certain forms of Cancer.

Sites are all over the web for people who are into crafts like woodworking and quilting; others for those who love to travel; sites for people who are passionate about Golf or Baseball.

Witchcraft or Voodoo anyone? There are probably membership sites for that too. Achieving a sizable membership with these can be possible.

Any age group is accommodated from teens to seniors.

Think of a potential niche. Isolate their likes and interests and you can have a membership site created and then maintained indefinitely.

Membership site software is provided with a limited amount of space for posting pictures, documents and sharing links; forums where every member can comment and participate. This proves to add much value as it becomes a shared, tight-niche information experience.

One understandable lacking feature of free websites is the lack of access to specialized data. Valuable services like music lessons or exclusive strategies reserved for internet marketing and lists are reserved for paid sites. These could get a bit pricey (hint).

Paid membership sites are built by businesses and individuals for the main reason of monetizing. It's achieved by supplying hard to find, exclusive information, lists or instruction in a specialized field.

Participants renew membership with a payment plan. This is acceptable to the member based on the privy information provided. They can pay monthly, quarterly or yearly.

A smart site owner offers a discount for the yearly membership over a monthly or quarterly payment. This cuts down on cancellations or refunds.

The operation of membership websites are either done by those who own the site or others who are hired by the site owner to monitor and look after the site. This ensures high quality and service which is to be expected.

Start a membership site and you can potentially have a profit machine for years to come.

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