Adding a Touch of Japanese Style in Your Home

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Japanese style is one of your best options if you want to infuse an Asian look in your home. Simplicity is a key element in using Japanese home designs. Although it uses simple themes and furniture, they can help bring a touch of oriental elegance to your home. Read on for some tips and suggestions when using Japanese interior design.

Clean lines are common in Japanese furniture and designs. These lines create an aura of simplicity, which helps achieve a look that is relaxing and clutter-free. The use of natural wood is another important part of the design. You can choose wooden floors and beams if you want an overall renovation of a room. Woods help achieve traditional appeal, which the Japanese love.

When decorating your home, you have to consider harmony between the pieces. The items should complement each other and create a uniform appeal. Playing with colors is fine, but choosing earth tones and few accent colors will help achieve a Japanese appeal. Green and brilliant red are great choices. If you want to include furniture, choose black lacquered pieces with gold accents and designs.

The style is perfect for homeowners who prefer minimalist designs. This is because of the presence of a few low pieces pieces, clean lines, and earth shades. When it comes to decors, you can use lanterns and folk art pieces. These things can make the walls more alive and interesting. Vintage fabrics such as those made from authentic Japanese silk are also great. You can also use them as decors on the wall. Keep in mind that most walls in Japanese homes are kept bare, but it does not mean you can not decorate them.

To make the room look more Asian, you can use bamboo blinds on windows. Grass mats and bonsai plants are also great decors. For the final look, use Shoji screens . These are the wooden framesfilled with Shoji, a vinyl coated fiberglass. This material is translucent just like rice papers that are traditionally used in the screens. These are common in traditional Japanese houses. These screens have designs similar to sliding and folding doors.

The screens are not only great decors; they also have great function. They provide privacy in rooms and allow light to pass through the Shoji. You can use them as room dividers, interior doors, and cabinet doors. The screen's simple design gives an impression of spaciousness and simplicity. They are also lightweight and easy to slide.

In case you do not want to use them as wall or partition, you can use them as accents and decors. For instance, you can use them as a focal point by incorporating small water fountains or vase with stems of artificial "sakura" or cherry blossoms .

These are just some of the ways you can make your home look beautifully Japanese. If you are planning to buy Shoji screens, you can find suppliers of Asian-themed decors and furniture. Make sure you are getting high quality and durable materials.

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