Bookshelves Should Include Decorative Touches

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Bookshelves create a special decorating dilemma, but should not be overlooked as a fantastic opportunity to create yet another interesting focal point in a room. Consider using photos, artwork, knick knacks and collectibles to add interest to those rows of books. Do not overlook that special antique plate your grandmother wave you. Or those special clay figures your children made you in grade school.

Whatever you choose to display on your bookshelf, books are only a part of the decorating process. Here are some easy rules to follow and ideas to consider that can turn your bookshelf into a work of art!

– First take everything off the bookshelves. Look at the books and decide which are worth keeping; which ones can be placed elsewhere (they can be used in stacks of two or three under lamps on a nightstand, for example); and which books you can live without by giving them away.

– When organizing your books in an artistic manner, consider more than size when lining them up. Make the bookshelf a show place rather than just a storage place by arranging and stacking the books in an interesting manner.

– Start from the bottom and work your way up.

– If you start with taller books on the left of one shelf, reverse it on the next shelf and start high on the right.

– Remove dust jackets from books to add color.

– Use horizontal books as bookends on both sides of vertical books.

– Every shelf does not need books. Use your bookshelf as an interesting display for art objects, candles, frames, plants, baskets or other knickknacks to mingle in with the books.

– Turn books on their sides and add a photo frame.

– Lead the eye to the middle with a nice green houseplant.

– Set a theme with color.

– Change out collections according to season. Consider using the top of a low bookshelf or portions of tall bookshelves for holiday plants, plates, candles (preferably ones enclosed in glass placed on top to avoid chances of fire) and various knick knacks.

– Paint on a backboard for a fresh look that stands out.

– Adhere wallpaper, foam board, or self-adhesive paper to the backboard. Consider attaching a picture directly to the backboard of a bookshelf.

– Place knickknacks on the shelf that match the decor of the backboard.

These are just a few ways you can spruce up your bookshelves. Go ahead, empty them out, fill them up, and remember to HAVE FUN with all your decorating endeavors.

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