Decorating a Girls Bedroom Can Be Fun and Easy

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Decorating a little girl's bedroom is easy when you take your child's personality into account. Even by the age of three, most children have already formed a preference for favorite colors or themes. If possible, incorporate your child's favorites into the room when you decorate.

One of the easiest ways to begin the decorating process is to start with a children's bedding set based on the size of the bed you have or will be placing in the bedroom. Children's bedding can be purchased piece by piece, and you can mix and match your own choice of sheets, pillows, pillow shams, comforter, bed skirt, and throw pillows if you wish – and even match or coordinate them to the curtains in the room . But if you want to make things easier or if you feel a bit challenged as a decorator, comforter sets are a wonderful option because they've taken all of the guesswork out of the mixing and matching. Everything in the set coordinates well with the other pieces and looks great together.

Chances are if you're decorating a young girl's bedroom, she may just have graduated from a crib into a big bed. And you probably had one or more baby crib bedding sets that matched the room perfectly. While children's bedding is generally not sold in the same prints or patterns – after all, your baby is now a little girl, not an infant – chances are you can find a beautiful set of bedding that will correspond with the paint colors you already have in the room.

Of course, if you prefer, painting the entire room or even just one wall a different color to make an accent wall is simple and inexpensive to do, and it can really make the difference between the room being a nursery and now becoming a "big girl's "room. Along with any new painting you wish to do, this is a great time to get a few new wall decorations or accessories that reflect your child's favorites and her developing personality. And, of course, your child is still young enough that you'll definitely want to include some of the things you love most in her room, as well.

If you want to incorporate a theme into your little girl's room, there are some fun themes in vogue right now that you may want to capitalize on. One favorite theme is the princess room. Every little girl loves to watch Cinderella, Snow White, and Beauty and the Beast and play pretend, and most dream of being a princess. So create a princess room for her!

Typically a princess room includes pastels or a muted color palette, but there is still a wide variety of colors you can choose from within this range. White, pink (in one or more shades), light pastel mint green, yellow, and even baby blue all make wonderful wall or accent colors for the room. You can use one or a combination of these colors on the walls, woodworking, and even wooden furniture in the room.

Hang a sparkling magic wand on the wall, paint a crown or other motif on the wall, or purchase a wallpaper border featuring princesses. Add a mirror at your child's height so she can play dress-up and princess, and be sure to include an adorable chair your daughter can adopt as her throne. Give her a tiara and some dress up clothes to play with, and she'll love spending time in her bedroom.

Other great theme ideas for little girls include favorite animals (kittens, puppies, ponies), cowgirls, pastel patchwork quilts, flowers, butterflies, paisley, polka dots, stripes, and other geometric shapes. In addition to pastels and pink – an ever-popular choice for little girls – new color schemes are emerging for girls' bedrooms, as well. Consider pale aqua blue walls with chocolate colored curtains or accents or pink with chocolate brown, as well. Both of these color schemes in solids, stripes, and polka dots have emerged as a popular trend recently.

Decorating your little girl's room does not have to be difficult. Let her help you pick out the children's bedding set for her room and then build a theme around her choice. Add a little paint, some accessories, and a lot of love, and your daughter will adore her new bedroom decor!

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