The Evolution of Wealthy Affiliate University

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If you have ever had any interest in earning money online, then you have quite possibly seen the advertising from Kyle and Carson at the Wealthy Affiliate University. I just read an email which I got from Kyle, and he was telling me how it was when he was getting started. I will not give you the details, but my first thought was "Wow, even with his superior knowledge of computers he was slow in getting going". I must say that surprised me. You always think that the real leaders in internet marketing have just kind of known this stuff instinctively, do not you? But in the end, I suppose they are no different than you and I.

Everyone has to start the learning process from the ground up, and Kyle was no different really.

When he and Carson started up the Wealthy Affiliate University they were – as they put it – struggling university students. I bet there are thousands, or maybe millions of you out there in the exact same boat.

Over the years WAU has been evolving from the ground up into what is currently the largest affiliate instructional site on the web. They must be doing something right.

And just as in the past, the evolution of the site is ongoing.

They have long since graduated from being a simple instructional site. Now they even have an annual trip to Vegas which they host for their leading members.

Let me ask you the question again.

Have you ever had an interest in earning money online?

Yes? Excellent, then read on, we're almost done.

Wealthy Affiliate Platinum is upon us. It represents the latest evolution of the Wealthy Affiliate University.

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