Victorian Garden Shed Plans – Tips

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The garden can be a wonderful place of repose and retreat, especially when you've followed professionally designed Victorian Garden shed plans. Victorian gardens are one of the most popular and beautiful garden designs. when following a good plan the best place to start would be with the colors you would like to use. This step is the most important element of the Victorian design. The colors are typically vibrant and passionate and range around vivid greens, rich dark browns, and a contrast of light yellows and golds.

Next to the colors you will need to come up with the pattern for your walls, ceilings, and floors of your shed. you should go for something complex and mesmerizing such as vines and flower motifs crawling along the edges of the ceiling, possibly in dark reds, with blue and green backgrounds, and shades of cream and tan for the foreground. you may even want to consider finding a plan that includes trellises which are support beams and rails, which are usually over your doorways, around your pillows, or possibly the ceiling a nice affect would be lining up with your walk way from your house to the shed.

Finally you should know that when you get to the ground work the most important factor will be the lawn, which should be so finely bladed grass that it looks and feels like velvet. when planting your flowers you could use them as a fence around your Victorian garden shed. Along with the atmosphere of your good set of Victorian garden shed plans you might also want to consider a bird bath or fountain for a little extra affect.

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