Simple Project for Novice Woodworkers

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Build an Adirondack Chair!

Nothing is quite as relaxing as stretching out in an Adirondack chair, and this makes an Adirondack chair an ideal project for the beginning woodworker with a great outcome:

  1. it’s easy to build
  2. it uses simple materials
  3. it requires simple tools, and
  4. it can be accomplished in a weekend using a good plan

These designs are not new, but originated in the resort areas of New York about 100 years ago. To meet the demands of vacationers and older people with aches and pains, local craftsmen in the Adirondack mountains developed a specific type of chair renowned for their therapeutic benefits. In reality, the original patented design was very crude and still in need of improvement. Over the years this led to various improvements including curved backs and seats. The mark of a good design is that you can comfortably recline without the need for any cushions in the wood chair.

To be honest there are so many designs out there, it has become confusing. When searching the web, you will find many different styles out there, and so look for a pattern which has curves in both the seat and the back. One quick way to search is to look for images on Google after searching for Adirondack chair patterns or Adirondack chair plans.

Usually Adirondack chairs are made from Western Red Cedar, as this wood is nearly impervious to all of the elements: bugs and weather alike. The wood has a natural acidity to it which repels most insects and resists mold. Additionally, it offers a sweet rosy cedar smell each time it gets wet when the wood is new. There is one risk however, as nothing in this world is perfect: Carpenter Bees like to burrow into this type of wood, although it is not widely reported and somewhat rare. If you are in an area where carpenter bees are a risk, you can treat the wood with citronella oil to repel the little pests. Additionally, you could paint the chair and in any case you should at least treat the wood with a deck sealer once per year. If painting wood however, it is critical to use a wood primer first.

Source by David Lindsey Brown

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