Beginner Tips For Using a Router For Woodworking

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Routers are great machines that can really help you to finish some cool projects with woodworking, I'll give you some beginner tips for using a router so you can make the most of your woodworking project.

Woodworking Router Tip 1: Clamp down the wood you will be cutting. C-clamps are often the best for this from my experience. Also use two pieces of scrap wood on each side of the clamps so you wont damage your good wood.

Woodworking Router Tip 2: Double check to be sure you are using the proper bit for the style of cut you want to make. Be very careful when handling a bit by the sharp end And always make sure you are wearing protective gloves so you do not hurt yourself.

Woodworking Router Tip 3: Wear eye protection, gloves and a breathing mask. Run your router in a counter clockwise direction around the wood stock, across the grain on either end of the board first and then cutting with the grain. Always move the router so it is cutting into the wood in the opposite direction of the spinning bit.

Woodworking Router Tip 4: Start off by making a shallow cut. It is better to make three or four small cuts in your wood, leaving off a small amount of stock each time rather than cutting too deeply and possibly chipping off pieces of wood.

Woodworking Router Tip 5 Good a good feel for the speed you cut the wood, you want to make sure you do not cut to quickly because that can chip the wood but if you go to slow it can burn it. Just start with what feels rights and take it from there.

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