Router Bits For Door Construction and Design

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Whether or not you have experience in building a door, router bits help you make the process process easier and less stressful. From placing the hinges to decorative panels, router bits make door woodworking a fun challenge – and you save an incredible amount of money compared to purchasing a finished door for your home.

When it comes to all of the various bits you can use on your router, it's easy to get confused because there are so many varieties. Some are designed to be used for specific applications, while others can be used generally for many different projects. Raised panel, stile, rail, straight, and v-groove router bits serve various purposes when you are working with a door.

Unless you are a seasoned woodworker, building a door or even placing a design on one can seem a monumental task. Router bits are the secret to making a door that looks stylish and appealing in design. V-groove bits are the perfect tool for creating grooved designs on a door, and there are also upgraded panel bits that allow you to create a profiled edge on a door panel. With these, you are able to produce either a horizontal or vertical configuration.

Of course, door router bits are not manufactured only for a "walk-through" door. Cabinet, buffet and display doors can also be made to look professional. If you are a real woodworking hobbyist, sooner or later you will graduate to other projects other than small projects that consist of making decorations and accents. Imagine how much money you will spend making and designing your own cabinet doors!

Wood is an easy building material to work with, but after you cut a basic shape, what do you do next? Making a piece that is beautiful and that you will be proud of requires a little "shaping." With wood, your only option is to add to or take away! When you design a door, router bits are essential for making it both functional and beautiful.

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