Good Clamping Practices

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A clamp is a strap device to keep or secure objects tightly at once to prevent movement or separation through the attention of inward pressure.

Usually used in Europe, North America & South America, the stretch cramp is often used as an alternative what time the tool is pro temporary spend pro positioning components in construction and woodworking; like so a G cramp or a sash cramp but a helmet clamp or a surgical clamp.

There are many types of clamps vacant pro many distinct purposes. Some are temporary, as used to post components while fixing them at once, others are intended to be undying. Participating in the ground of inborn husbandry, using a clamp to fix an inborn to a stationary object is famous as "rounded clamping." A real clamp of this type is additionally used to refer to an murky investment banking stretch; notably "fund clamps." Anything which fulfills the accomplishment of clamping might be called a clamp, so this gives come out of to a varied variety of conditions across many fields. These are a number of of the more widespread ones:

– Band clamp or mesh clamp
– Bar clamp F-clamp or sliding clamp
– Bench clamp
– Cardellini clamp
– C-clamp
– Flooring cramp
– Gripe
– Handscrew
– Kant-Twist clamp
– Magnetic clamp
– Miter clamp
– Pipe clamp
– Sash clamp
– Set screw
– Speed ​​clamp
– Toggle clamp
– Toolmakers' clamp

There are many different types of clamps out there that can be used for a variety of things!

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