When Architecture and Design Make Your Dream Home

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One of the most watched sectors in the woodworking industry is architectural woodworking. For the past few years, it has fast created its own market, usually composed of homes and high-end facilities like hotels.

But you may ask, "What created the need for architectural woodworking?" Well, it seems that this kind of art has been a symbol of long-reflecting impression to the kind of commitment the owner has for quality. Every architectural woodwork plan has become an enduring element of elegance, beauty, and timelessness. Therefore, you can conclude that only the best kinds of materials are used, designs are well thought of, and only the best architectural company or person was hired to do this complex task.

This article focuses on the different architectural woodworking plans you can do for your home. There are many styles to choose from, and you can freely decide which best suits your needs and can bring out the uniqueness and overall feel of your house.

Georgian homes are rather looking. It is reminiscent of the period of classical revival in England, which happened before the sunset of the American Revolution. These types are usually made of brick. In the colonies, there is a shortage of such material, and so most Georgian homes are built of wood. A more common feature includes two-story English-style freestanding columns that serve as support for a triangular pediment. In America, these pillows, often are referred to as pilots, and are connected to the building. In order to maintain its classicism, you may need to conduct periodic maintenance and repair. The first area you need to check is the pediment. Make sure that all the three sides of the triangle are not exhibiting any signs of deterioration such as rotting. If bird nests are present, it is ideal that you remove them as birdlime will speed up wood rot.

Most mansions built today are influenced by Greek architecture. Unlike the courthouses constructed in 1800s, where columns are made of bricks, these houses have wooden pillows. The good thing about this is you can create your own column designs to add a more grandiose look. However, since they are seldom solid, they easily deteriorate. Should you encounter this problem, the best solution is to replace them or apply some preservation methods.

If you feel like living in a sort-of castle, perhaps you can consider building your own Tudor home. The towers and parapets that are the roof, and their huge timber beams that cross some broad regions of brick stimulate the idea of ​​a fairy tale. They are usually added, however, not as a support structure but as exterior design.

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