Creating Magic With Table Woodworking Plans

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One of the easiest items to craft in any woodworking shop is the table, and in today's discussion we are going to discuss the basic steps for crafting your very own utility table from only some plain wood, and a bit of your own personal ingenuity.

The first thing that you have to do is create the base of the table. The base is the most complex frame in the entire assembly. The base requires two long sides, two shorts sides, and three stringers.

The stringers actually support the entire frame, and will allow you to place stuff on top of the table. Make sure that there is even spacing through when you install the stringers.

A butt-joint assembly is required for the base of the table. After assembling the base, check to see if you have achieved a stable square shape. Next, attach the legs of the table. Cut the legs evenly, and use a square to make sure that you have attached the pieces correctly.

Use a little wood glue to seal the narrow spaces found between the legs and the base of the table. If the legs of your table are made from reliably thin wood, do not use screws, as screws have been known to crack wood.

You do not want the wood on the legs to crack (even a little bit), because that will weaken the entire structure and, over time, those small cracks will require repairs (or complete replacement).

After gluing together the legs and the base of the table, it's time to attach the leg stringers.

So, you have stringers on the base of the table, and on the legs. The additional stringers may not look that attractive on the table, but if you are going to use the table in your woodworking area, you need to add that extra layer of stability.

You never know what you will be putting on utility tables: it could be tools, heavy pieces of wood, and so forth. Do not cut the leg stringers before measuring the distance between the legs.

Place the table upside down on the floor and start measuring. Measure the distance between the legs of the table. You will be attaching a total of four stringers. Two stringers will be connecting the legs that are close to each other (short side).

An additional two stringers will be connecting the legs on the long side. The stringers on the short side should be placed close to the ground (about five inches up) while the stringers on the long side should be placed on the midpoints of the legs.

So, if you have 34 inch legs on your table, the halfway mark would be on the 17th inch up from floor. For additional strength, you can add two more stringers on the short side of the table. Secure the second set of strings with small door hinges.

Use small screws to secure the stringers. The door hinges will act as brakers, and will further strengthen the strength of the table. And finally, measure the size of the base of the table from side to side, and cut some plywood. Nail the plywood and varnish (or paint).

Source by John A. Calvin

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