Woodworking at Home – What Does it Mean to You?

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Spring is approaching and it's time for me to get started woodworking at home. If you are reading this article, you probably think I am going to explain to you the ins and outs of woodworking. While there are a lot of these, and they are important, I believe the single most important ingredient is me. I am what makes my experience with woodworking great. More specifically, it is the attitude I take that makes it a pleasurable experience for me. So as you read, and I show you what woodworking is to me, ask yourself: "What does woodworking mean to me?"

Woodworking at home is escape. Even though some of the tools used for woodworking can be a bit loud, it does not matter to me. I am able to let my woodworking envelope me and take me out of the world for a little bit. Do not you deserve a little bit of "me" time? I know I do.

Woodworking at home is about pride and accomplishment. If you run into the obstacles of limited time and money, do not let that stop you! Be proud of any action you take, because there is always room for improvement and growth. Whether it be a small two hour project or something that spans weeks or months, when I finish I feel a sense of accomplishment completing what I have set out to do. You can create anything you put your mind to, so be proud of your accomplishes.

Woodworking at home is gratitude. Sometimes when things are going my way in the shop, I feel a tremendous gratitude for the skill I have been able to learn. I try not to take this for granted. I realize that some people in the world do not have the opportunities to have a hobby. Others are not physically able to do woodworking. It's when I ponder these things that I am really thankful.

And yes, sometimes woodworking can be aggravation. Sometimes things just do not work out the way I think they should. At that point, it's time for me to step back and take a breath; or perhaps it's time to take a break. When I leave the shop for a bit I can come back and start again, and everything works out. I've learned to be more open minded when it comes to woodworking. I try to think outside of the box. While there is actually little room for error, there is tons of room for imagination.

So, I've given you a glimpse of what woodworking at home is to me. It can be any number of things you want it to be too. So, take a moment, think about what it means to you, and go build something!

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