Woodworking Plans for the Bathroom

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If you want furnish your bathroom or just add a few features to it, one of the most rewarding and inexpensive ways is to do it yourself with woodworking. If you are remodeling your bathroom there are many fun things you can do that will leave your guests in awe when they visit and see the woodworking skills that you have.

1. Towel Ladder.
These are much more interesting than towel racks. They add a great touch to the bathroom and hold many more towels than a towel rack can, and it can keep them further organized. Instead of having towels hanging over the door and on the doorknobs, just reach over and hang it on the ladder, and it looks much better than having towels scratched all over the place.

2. Storage cabinets.
If you have a wall that is blank, and you could use some more cabinet space than a storage cabinet is a great project for you to try. Hanging one above the toilet is a great place, this way you can keep the toilet paper right where it's easy to access and it's also a great place to hold some decorations to enhance the style of your bathroom.

3. Bath tray.
A bath tray is a great feature to have, it's very useful while taking a long and relaxing bath. If you are feeling great in a warm soothing bath .. You do not want to have to get up to grab your favorite soap on the shelf by the sink. It will be right in front of you on your bath tray.

4. Magazine rack.
When magazines are just left out on the counter or the floor they can get wet when someone washes their hands or brushes their teeth which can ruin them before you get the chance to finish them. A magazine rack can be hung right next to the toilet for perfect convenience and they will not get destroyed by water.

With these additions you'll have a sleek, awe inspiring bathroom. If you can not find any free woodworking plans that fit your need you can easily purchase hundreds of bathroom woodworking plans for less than $ 100.

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