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Allow me the pleasure to introduce you to one of the absolute best woodworking plans packages existing online. Just to start, Ted's woodworking program includes over 16,000 woodworking plans !! The sheer volume of plans available is simply mind boggling. Not only that, but the plans themselves are extremely easy to read and understand for both the novice woodworker and experienced professionals. Furthermore, additional help is also included for beginning woodworkers. The plans include just the perfect tip to help you get the most out using each plan. These subtitle details can help the woodworker immensely and often make the difference between the woodworker creating a quality piece of work or throwing the whole thing away in frustration !! Such crucible hints would be choosing which style of wood would best be used for the plan (ie cherry or pine).

Additional information in the software package also includes different techniques and suggestions of the different tools to use which are appropriate for each plan. One of the things that frustrated me personally when beginning a search for online woodworking plans was the seemingly infinite amount of them out there. All to often, a programs lack of in-depth statements cause the failure of any serious woodworking project; to me-at least when I started out with this exiting hobby – it was almost like all of the woodworking plans and project – software would lure you into believing they deliver some sort of quality, by teaching you extremely simple woodworking projects (like plant – holders, but falling impatiently short with any kind of more complex woodworking plans.) This is where the quality of Ted's woodworking software package really shines through.

When comparing Ted's to some of the other major woodworking packages, one thing you will quickly notice is the difference in volume. The other packages do not contain anywhere near the same amount of woodworking projects. In fact, I have come across woodworking packages that do not contain more than 25 plans in total !! Most of them where are designed of the same, basic "Chippendale" style with a basic dining room wooden chair and table set. Of course, and before you buy the software, they reveal very little about the product itself, and if you end up buying a product with only very poor customer service support, you may end up never getting your money back after you tried the product and realized its poor quality. You can often spot these shoddy products by looking for the "bonuses" that come with it. This could be in the form of woodworking e-books, or whatever software that relates to working with wood and manufacturers of these woodworking products really try to focus on the "add-ons", the "freebies" that you may get when buying their product – for the simple reason that the core -woodworking product itself is of poor quality and lacks any sort of insight on woodworking.

Ted's woodworking software package is quite simply, in my humble opinion, the absolute BEST resource for woodworking plans anywhere on the internet. You can check them out here. I promise you will not be disappointed !!

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