Intarsia – 6 Different Ways To Change Intarsia Art

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Intarsia art, an artistic form of wood inlay. Whether your an experienced intarsia artist or just a beginner, you will soon have a style that suits you when doing intarsia art woodcraft. Mostly the intarsia artists you will meet are intarsia purists, using various species of wood for color and using its grain direction to help create form. This form is enhanced by sanding to give a 3 dimensional look. The more shaping that is done with sanding the more pronounced the 3 dimensional look. The individual pieces are oiled and the pieces are either glued together or to a background. NO STAINS, PAINTS OR DYES, are used Just the natural beauty of the wood.

Let us throw out the perceived rules and suggest that there is no wrong way to create wood art, whether you want to call it intarsia or not will be absolutely up to you. The changes you make will depend on your own artistic ability and the following suggestions will help with the changes you may want to make.

1: Change the intarsia pattern. We can change an intarsia pattern by just copying a portion of one pattern and joining it to another pattern or part of another pattern. This can often be completed by simply joining a few lines to make a completely different arrangement. Patterns can be enlarged, reduced, reversed, etc.

2: Consider using a readily available type of wood such as pine and stain each piece to create the look of oak, walnut, cherry, maple, and many other types of wood.

3: Why not use adornments such as glass, colored stones, feathers, metals, etc. Frequent glass eyes give birds, animals and fish a more realistic look.

4: Washes and stains on specialty woods can create or enhance colors that you absolutely can not accomplish with the special woods you have available. White stain is acceptable to most intarsia artists to keep white woods from darkening, so why not use other color enhancements?

5: Think about just cutting your pieces and not shaping them into a 3 rd. dimension, in order to create a 2 dimensional wood art painting. Glue the pieces to a backing and put it all into a frame. Great for wooden scenic pictures.

6: The 3 most important words to remember when cutting any form of wood art. Patience, patience, patience. Depending on the complexity of your project, if you are intimidated by the number of pieces, separate it into several sections. Finish each section, then assemble the sections.

The only limit in what you can create is your own imagination. Pure intarsia art creations generally use all natural wood and natural wood colors in their creations. However, various degrees of these suggestions can help you develop an art form that will be strictly your own.

Working with wood is very rewarding for most of us. As a retirement hobby for that free leisure time there may be a definite place in your plans for intarsia or some other form of wood art. The ideas here will, hopefully, help suggest some ways baby boomers and others can fill up those free hours after they choose to retire.

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