5 Simple Woodworking Plans for the Beginning Woodworker

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Whether you are a beginner in woodworking or you just want to take on a simple woodworking project, there are simple projects that do not take a long time to do and still show off your woodworking skills. Here are some ideas for simple woodworking projects that you should try.

1. Picture frame
When people walk into new homes, they love to look around at the pictures through the house, and they will love your handmade picture frame. Make them more special by carving names into the picture frames. People may even ask you to create one for them.

2. Book shelf
You do not need to make a large book shelf, if you have a few books here and there but maybe you do not have a book shelf, so just put together a small one that can be set on a table so it won ' t take up too much space and it will be easy for you to make. Keep it next to your bed so whatever books your are currently reading are not far from your reach when it's time for some quiet reading before bed. This way your books will not be cluttering your nightstand.

3. Shelves
If your walls are blank and you need a little extra storage space, why not add some shelves to the walls? Shelves are easy simple to make and then all you have to do is hang them up. Paint them fun colors to match them to room colors instead of just painting them white or brown. Shelves can be hung anywhere and can be used to hold just about anything, you'll be glad you made them.

4. Yard sign
Whether this sign sits at the end of a long winding driveway of a mansion or it just sits at the edge of small garden, it tells your neighbors that you are proud of your home and your neighborhood. It will add to the appearance of your home and property. It will not take up too much of your time to create and it is not difficult either. Add the numbers of your home then paint it colors to match your garden and your neighbors and passersby will love it.

5. Bird house
A bird house is a great project to make that does not take up all your time to create. Many people collect bird houses and make them all the time, there are many ways you can create and decorate a bird house. If you like birds and you like seeing different types of birds then a bird house is a great project for you since it can attract birds that you want to see.

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