Tips on How to Build a Podium

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Learning how to build a podium is one of the easiest woodworking related activity I’ve ever done. Probably since it isn’t as detailed as some furniture I’ve made in the past.

Podiums sometimes known as pulpits or lecterns are important fixtures on a stage. There are variety of design that you can use for a lectern especially on its front side. Most often the design is largely dependent on the purpose of which it is built for.

Build a Podium the Easy Way

As I’ve mentioned earlier, building a lectern isn’t as hard as some other woodworking projects that is, if you have basic construction in mind. However, the good thing is that even if you are just able to build a basic structure, you always have the option of customizing it later on and adding some designs and embellishments once you have the basic construction done.

Building a Podium – Things to Consider

When I built a podium for a function room late last year, I’ve had some things to keep in mind to make sure the structure is exactly suited for the purpose it was built for.

Some of these are:

Height and Width

How high and wide would you like the lectern to be? In my case, I just have the average height of men in mind when making a podium as most speakers in that function room are men.

This is something that is entirely dependent on the height of the common user of the podium.

Basic Podium vs. Multi-purpose, Multi-compartment Podiums

You have the option of constructing a basic structure which is generally very easy to make. You’ll just be needing a three sided frame with dimensions of your choice keeping the widest side for the front side of the podium you are making.

A multi-purpose podium however, would require to have some compartments installed to make some space for the materials that the speaker might be using. When I was making the structure I’ve added a sort of built-in cabinet in the podium as requested by the owner for storage purposes. Microphones and some equipment needed for the sound system is stored there.

Movable Podium vs. Fixed Podiums

To build a podium, specifically a movable one, you only need to attach an industrial strength wheels on the base of the structure. Just make sure they are locking wheels to ensure unwanted movements when using the podium.

Furthermore, you may want to use lightweight materials for portability.

If you opt for a more fixed podium, you can just add more weight to its base to allow still for minor movements. However, you may also attach the podium to the floor for a more permanent fixture.

Plans for Building a Podium

To build a podium, a podium building plan will make the job easier. This way, you would have the basic construction plan all ready for you.

Of course the podium design would have to depend entirely on the purpose it is built for.

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