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For the woodworker, nothing is easier than pocket hole joinery using the Kreg Jig K3 System. Since the debut of this system in 1990, the Kreg jig has been the choice for affordable and easy to use pocket hole joinery.

What is pocket hole joinery? The simplest process, all it involves is drilling a clearance hole that is angled and a counterbore in wood. Using another piece of wood, the first one is attached to the second one with a screw. The bottom (the pocket hole) of the counterbore is back far enough from the edge to which it is being joined to allow room for the screw head. The clearance hole sets the screw at an angle so it can hold the wood without popping through.

When it comes to the best pocket holes you will do no better than the Kreg K3 System. The jig is a versatile tool which includes these features:

* You no longer have to reach around to clamp, which is awkward. The clamp is on the front side which is much easier to reach.

* When you need the pocket holes in a specific place, the drill bit guide has three fixed holes for guiding and placing them for narrow, wide and widest.

* The dust collection shroud is a new feature that eliminates the wood chips falling all over the workbench and will make the drill bit last longer.

With added height adjustment, the K3 allows screws to enter material from ½ inch to 1 ½ inches thick. The innovative material support stop will place the pocket holes in alignment on all the pieces you are working on so you have the best pocket hole drilling available.

The system includes a portable base, drill guide block, material support stop, 3/8 inch step drill bit, Allen wrench, dust collection shroud, premium face clamp, depth collar, screws, a carrying case and instructions.

The most uncomplicated way of joining materials perfectly and with the accuracy needed so that the parts of the joint line up precisely are accomplished by the Kreg Jig K3 System. Instead of a set-up that you do not understand or having to measure, and dry fit joint the whole thing can be taken care of in just a few minutes. This is as simple as using a drill.

The Kreg Jig K3 System has a portable case for taking along wherever you need to work or for storing when it is not in use. With more features than any other hole tool sold today, the system is preferred by those working in cabinet making, picture frames, decks, stairs, windows and door jambs and attaching leg rails to perfection. The sky is the limit when it comes to the uses for this jig.

When it comes to strength, independent testing that has been done shows a remarkable difference between using this jig and the old way of using a mortise and tenon joint. The pocket screw joint when subjected to a shear load failed at 707 pounds and the mortise and tenon joint failed at 453 pounds. For a 35% stronger pocket screw joint, the Kreg Jig K3 System clearly came out the winner.

Source by Brandi Yates

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