Three Secrets to Great Wood Work

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When you have been doing something awhile, you get into habits which you have built up over time. Some of these habits can be great ones, while others may be bad habits, born from tedious repetition, or working tired. It is beneficial then to take a step back now and then, and re-examine what you know, and maybe perfect your good habits, or shine up some that may have gotten a but rusty over time when doing wood work.

The same thing is true with your woodworking skills. Some skills you perfect over time, and others you pick up along the way, that maybe are not as great. Its time to take a minute, and look back at five woodworking secrets to know and perfect.


Sure, when you started your woodworking hobby, you did not have a lot of extra money to spend, and your spouse or girlfriend did not understand why you wanted to make furniture and cabinets, when you could just go buy some. You might have picked up some cheap tools from a yard sale, or maybe used the crappy ones dad hug you secondhand when you moved out.

Guess what? It's time to get some quality tools. Quality does not mean expensive, talk to some people that have been doing this for a while, and find out what they think. A hammer with a solid, flat head will help you not bang your hammer all over the wood, and quality screwdrivers will keep you from stripping out your screw heads. This really is a nice, easy way to improve the quality of your woodwork.

Plug Cutters

This is along the same lines of improving already good work. When filling counter sunk holes, many times we just slap some wood putty in there, and say, "well, that's good enough!" However, this solution is not the best choice. Take the extra time and effort to cut plugs for your holes. Invest in a good set of plug cutters, and make a habit of using them.

This simple step will lend a look of professional quality, and makes the surface smooth and match. This is especially important if you are finishing the wood, instead of painting it. Another little tip is to cut the plug so that the grain matches. Remember, it is the little details that make good work great!

Assembly Blocks

This is a simple trick that can make your projects twice as easy. Sometimes, it feels like we need a third or fourth hand when assembling some trickier pieces. Using blocks can make assembly much easier, by keeping the joints and ends in the correct position while you work on another part of the piece.

These blocks are very simple to make. Get some medium density fiberboard from a craft shop. Cut intersecting dadoes into the middle of a couple of pieces, so that the edges of your boards fit snugly into it. Obviously, you may want to cut different lengths and depths to match different size boards you will be working with over time.

These are three simple tips that can reduce stress and increase your sense of pride in your craft. Most of all, remember to be safe, and take your time! Rushing production is for the office, detail and relaxation are part of the shop!

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