Tips on Making a Great Cloth Bag

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Cloth bag is one of the important things that have many purposes for both inside and also outside your home. Whether your cloth bag has a small or large size, you can use it for various storage needs. Use a small bag if you want to store the small items. Or you can make a large storage bag in order to hold your large items which are difficult for you to store them. It also can be use as a gift bag that your relative or even your beloved will appreciate. Cloth bag is a flexible and simple thing to make, whatever your purpose to use it.

You can decide on the large you wish to your cloth bag to be. You should know that the fabric can be folded in a half in order to create the bag. Therefore, although the large of the fabric is, the bag can be half the size.

Place the fabric with the incorrect part facing up. You should fold down 1/4 inch along the complete long edge. Then you can iron the fold and sew it by stitching closely along the complete folded edge.

Fold the similar long edge down for 1 inch along the complete edge. Iron the fold and sew it by stitching along the line as sewn in step 2. It can form the casing for the cloth bag.

Then you need to fold the fabric rectangle in a half with the incorrect part facing out and also the casing at the top. You should match up the part edges and also the bottom edges. Then pin the edges in order to secure.

And for the last you have to sew along the part edges starting the stitching for just under the casing. Then stitch the part edges and also the bottom edges together using 1/2 inch layer permission.

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