Use Great Bookcase Plans to Prevent the Leaning Tower of Books

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You have seen it before. You walk into someone's home or office, and there in the corner is the bookcase they built. It does not look very stable, and if you look closely it almost appears to be leaving to one side. They probably either used no plans, or they downloaded some free bookcase plans. Either way, their project looks bad, and is not very safe.

A bookcase can be a very simple project, but must be made properly in order to support the weight of all of your books and knick knacks. Of course, bookcase plans can become exceptionally complex too. You may be planning to build a full wall bookcase, and then you go from simple to much more complex. In either case, your best option is to start with some well designed and documented bookcase plans.

If you attempt to build a bookcase without the proper plans, you could end up with your own leaning tower of books. It is very easy to overlook the need for proper support at all the joints, using the proper materials, and to simply make mistakes. With a good set of bookcase plans, you're well on your way to creating a great looking and safe book case.

Many people overlook the fact of how heavy books really are. Before you start your project, load up a box full of books and feel the weight. A bookcase needs to be extremely strong. A good set of plans is going to make it very clear you need to avoid nails and go with screws. Screws have much more holding power and are required for the proper strength and stability of your bookcase.

Your professionally created bookcase plans will also give you the proper recommendations for types of wood which can stand up to the abuse and weight of the books, while still looking great. Pine is often a favorite, due to it's low cost, but you could also choose other hard woods which can look outstanding when finished properly.

One of the problems you may run into while trying to choose the proper plans is not being able to review them completely ahead of time. Some great services offer a variety of bookcase plans bundled together, so you can choose the plans you prefer for this project. The nice thing about these types of offers is you then plans for future projects also. You may find after your first bookcase, you'd like to build one for every bedroom in the house. With a good set of bookcase plans, you can build a variety of different bookcases and make every room have its own style.

Building these projects with good bookcase plans can be both fun, and very rewarding. Walking into a room and seeing the great bookcase you built standing tall, straight, and strong will be a source of pride. You will want to put your bookcases in places where people notice, instead of hiding in a corner like the many leasing towers of books you've seen before.

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