Choosing the Right Wood Router

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For years wood routers have been a great way to trim, cut, design, and hollow out all your wood projects. Some workers even consider it to be the single most versatile power tool you can use. If you have never used wood routers then it may be harder for you to shop for a quality router. If you do not have access to people with experience in buying these power tools, one of the best ways to get information is by reading router reviews. These reviews are placed up on hundreds of websites that are made by the everyday working class like you. The reviews can be found on manufacturers websites, online stores like Amazon, blogs, forum, and even websites dedicated to just producing reviews of power tool products.

The key to reading these router reviews is the find ones made for your specific need. If you can find reviews made by people who have performed the same tasks or jobs you plan to, it can be easier to make your decision. Visiting some home improvement or hardware stores to ask for opinions and reviews will also be beneficial. Some local stores are even nice enough to let you test our certain products so you can see how it handles and if you like how it works. A Triton router is an excellent router to consider when shopping around as well. Both models offered by Triton are table mounted and have been reviewing prestigious awards and recognition.

You can get both of these routers for about $ 250.00 and are similar in uses other than size. The MOF001C model is the older of the two models and also the smaller version. It has sufficient power for all your projects other than ones of larger bits. Router reviews on these two models are mostly positive with the only negative things being spoken about is the bulkiness. On a five star scale most people rate these routers at a 3.5 to 4 and praise the durability. No matter where you decide to purchase your tool make sure you do a thorough job of shopping around. Reviews, opinions, advice, and even asking store associates can make it much easier to handle. If you go in blind and by yourself you could get overwhelmed by the amount of information the web, people, and reviews have to offer you in your search.

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