Outdoor Garden Shed Plans and Preparation

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If you can hardly get the car into the garage because it's full of gardening equipment and all the cupboards and drawers in the house are full with stuff that you really do not want to throw out then an outdoor garden could be the solution you are looking for.

Too pricey you say, well not if you build your own!

Whole sets of outdoor garden shed plans are available from the internet with step by step instruction on how to complete your project.

First you need you decide the best site for the shed with regards to fitting in with its surroundings. You need also to consider whether you need electricity, drainage and where doors and windows will be for ease of access.

Roughly work out the dimensions of the floor area covered by the shed then from your garden shed plans choose a shed that would best suit your needs.

Before you buy anything check that your new construction will not violate any building codes, if applicable you may also need to consult with the tenants association. The information needed will be on your blueprints.

Prepare your shed foundation with care, this alone can add years to the lifetime of your shed and ensure smooth opening of doors and windows.

From your plans you can now order your timber and hardware, some suppliers will cut some or all of your wood to size which is a great timesaver.

When pricing do not forget to factor in any extras such as paint / varnish and brushes. You may want to add shelving or a workbench although this can be done at a later date.

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