Combining Your Wallpaper and Your Idea – Make Your Home Look Unique

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There are many functions of wallpapers. combining the wallpapers installations with the lighting effects can create the desired atmosphere in the room. For example if you have many kids, decorate your kids room with fantasy wallpaper, combine it with the light of the desk lamp. Or if your family often gathers at family room, decorate your room with warm wallpapers, combine it with cozy atmosphere and the lighting in the room. Just remember to match your wallpapers with the house type and interior theme you use in the rooms.

One note in designing pattern wallpaper is to choose a wallpaper with simple design. Especially if you want to decorate a private area rooms which only you and your family see, such as the main bathroom. You can do whatever you like with these areas, choose the best wallpaper pattern you like, choose the color of wallpaper to create a unique decor, which is in accordance with your ideas and desires. So that the room will become a unique creation of your own making.

To get used to the art of wallpaper, you can do with wallpaper lining the walls on some of your subjects. For example, you may decide to divide the two parts of your dining room wall, the top of the wall you can paint with a certain color that you like and the bottom of your wall decorate with wallpaper. You can experiment various combinations of pattern creation. If at the time you've become more proficient, and if you have found the art decorating with your own style, then you are ready to do the work of wallpaper decorating in the larger scale. If you decorate the bathroom or kitchen during your practice satisfactorily, then it is time for you to try decorating the family room (living room) or the master bedroom (master bedroom).

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