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Types of Table Saws

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A table saw is one of the most popular pieces of machinery used for woodworking. It consist of a circular saw powered by an electric motor that is mounted onto a table. In order to cut, material is pushed through the saw on the top of the table. It is used mainly for large wood projects such as fines, tables, book shelves, etc. When selecting a table saw it is important to know the different types and the pros and cons of each. The following are the four basic types of table saws and what they have to offer.

Bench top Saws

The bench top saw, also known as the portable saw, does not come all the way to the floor but is meant to be placed on top of a table for support. This is the more lightweight version of the table saws. They usually can be transported by one person from job to job.

The bench top model is preferred for those who are looking for a table saw that is portable and less expensive; however, remember that you always get what you pay for. The bench top saw has the least amount of capability out of any of the table saws. With the reduced size and weight of the saw, it is less durable and there are greater restrictions of the size of projects one can do.

Contractor Saws

Also known as the open-stand saw, the contractor saw is heavier and more durable than the bench top saw. Its circular saw is mounted on a heavy table with an open set of legs. This type of saw is usually preferred for those who have a tool shed at home since it is moderately-priced and does not require any extra voltage than is provided in a regular outlet. While this model is heavier and less portable than the bench top model, the contractor table saw is still usually moved from job to job (most contractor saws come with wheel attachments to make this easier).

Cabinet Saws

Cabinet table saws have the circular saw attached to a table with a cabinet. It is the largest and the heaviest of the table saws and therefore is not moved around like the other table saws. The cabinet table saw is more durable and has less vibration which makes for a smoother cut. However, the cabinet saw is more expensive than the other types of saws and usually requires the installation of a heavy circuit. The cabinet saw also has a height and tilt adjustment feature and has better dust collection than the other models.

Hybrid Saws

A hybrid table saw is a lot like the contractor saw with a few key differences. For one thing, it is much more compact than the contractor saw and does not require as much room in your tool shed. The hybrid table saw also offers some of the features of the cabinet saw. With its solid and heavy base, it has the lower vibration of a cabinet saw along with dust control. A contractor saw or a hybrid saw of good quality suits the needs of most woodworkers.

The cabinet saw, contractor saw, hybrid saw, and bench top saw are all types of table saws that will help you in your woodworking projects. Each saw is slightly different to accommodate the certain needs of the woodworker. One must find what they need out of there table saw before determining what type of model they need. However, for the average woodworking projects, you can not go wrong with a quality contractor saw.

Source by Kaitlin Carruth

Paintbrushes – Your Most Versatile Interior Decorating Tool

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One of the most common paint tools is the paint brush. Before you buy a brush for your project, why not find a bit more about this versatile, durable tool?

Paint Brush History

No one knows who invented the first paint brush. Some nameless cave dweller picked up a few different objects to try paint scenes on the cave wall and decided one was a keeper. However, we do know that the ancient Chinese have been creating brush paintings for literally thousands of years. Europeans have been painting for quite a long time, too. Sometime during this time, someone decided bigger was better and developed a prototype for a brush to apply paint to walls. Today, paint brushes can be found everywhere in the world.

Paint Brush Types

You may be wondering why you need to find out about the types of paint brushes. After all, a paint brush is a paint brush, right? Actually, there are many different options when it comes to choosing a paint brush, from the type of bristles to the different handles.

The first thing you'll want to consider is the part of the brush that applies the paint. Bristles can be all natural, synthetic, or made from a combination of fibers. Natural fibers work best with oil based paint, while synthetic bristles perform well with latex paint. Another option is the sponge brush, which does not have any bristles at all.

The shape of the brush head is also important. Some brush heads are simply rectangular and flat. Others are tapered or round. They range from skinny to wide, with most brushes falling into the two and a half to six inch range. Some of these styles, such as the six inch rectangular brush, are better for applying a lot of paint to a wall fast, while others, such as the three inch sash brush, are great for cutting in around windows and doorways. Trim brushes are ideal for, as their name suggests, painting trim.

Another thing to look at is the brush's handle. Many DIY grade brushes are made with a plastic handle. They work fine for small tasks, but a few hours of holding that hard plastic is not very comfortable. Professionals typically opt for wooden handled brushes. They are extremely durable and can be a bit more comfortable than a seamed plastic handle. Comfort grip handles and wide handles are options that people with joint pain may want to try.

Source by Niall Roche

Dreaming of a New Kitchen? Give Your Home a Lift With a Kitchen Remodeling Project

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For most homeowners, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home, and the center of a great deal of family activity. With so much use, it does not take long for many kitchens to begin to show their age. No matter what your circumstances or budget, chances are good that you home could benefit from a makeover, and the good news is that remodeling the kitchen is one of those rare home improvements that can substantially increase the resale value of the home. Whether your goal is to enhance the value of your home or simply to increase your family’s enjoyment of the home, remodeling the kitchen can be a great project.

Of course remodeling the kitchen should not be done lightly, and such a project can be very time consuming and costly. It is important to carefully plan for this improvement, and to take a step by step approach to the project.

The first thing those would be kitchen remodeling experts need to do is choose and concentrate on a theme for the kitchen. While you may well have a picture in your mind of what your dream kitchen will look like, it is still helpful to sketch it all out on a piece of paper, or even on the computer. Seeing the finished project in this way will help you focus on the goal as you get started.

Deciding on a theme is not always easy, of course, and it is important to choose your theme carefully, and to consider your lifestyle and that of your family when making the choice. Some homeowners will opt for the ultra modern look, with stainless steel appliances and countertops, while others will look to the durability of granite countertops and solid wood cabinets. Still others may prefer the homey look and feel of butcher block cabinets and countertops. The key is to think about how you use your kitchen, and plan your choices appropriately.

It will also be helpful to consider the space you have to work with as you plan your kitchen remodeling project. If space is tight there are ways to make the most of the space you have available, including wall mount shelving and racks to hold pots and pans, thereby freeing up much needed counter and cabinet space. Replacing existing cabinets with larger ones can also solve storage problems and provide a less cluttered and more attractive environment.

Adding a kitchen island can also provide extra counter space and enhance the enjoyment of your kitchen. A kitchen island can create a great place for the family to enjoy a quick snack or meal, as well as providing additional space for all those necessities. If you decide to install such an island, however, be sure that it integrates well into the surrounding room, and be sure to choose your colors, materials and designs appropriately.

The right appliances are, of course, another important part of a successful kitchen remodeling project. Many homeowners choose to replace those worn out or out of date appliances with newer and more modern ones, and remodeling time can be a great time to make those changes. It is important to look at the colors and materials of the appliances you are considering, and to ensure that they will look appropriate with the rest of the kitchen.

There is no doubt that remodeling the kitchen can be a major undertaking, and it is important to go into the project well prepared and well informed. One of the keys to a successful kitchen remodeling project is to do plenty of research before you get started. This careful shopping around will help you get the most for your money, and help you create a beautiful kitchen even on a tight budget.

Source by Ryan N

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