A Kids Wooden Tea Set is Fun For Wood-Working Dads and Their Daughters

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Are you looking for creative ways to encourage daddy-daughter bonding time with your young daughter and her dad? Many fathers are great at this all on their own. Others need some helpful ideas. When my children were young, I was always on the lookout for fun things they could do that were in line with my husband's interests. He loved woodworking, so encouraging them to help him in the woodshop was always a good way to have fun together while creating special memories for the future.

It's important, though, for dads to enter into their little girl's world as well. There are some fun and minor ways to help interest them both. For instance, did you know there is a cute wooden childrens tea set available? My husband would have loved it! He would have enjoyed spending time sipping pretending tea at his little girls tea party while surreptitiously examining the adorable wooden teapot and cups.

Later, he would have gone on a hunt for the plans to build a kids wooden tea set. He would then have invited her out to the workshop with him, so that they could make their own wooden tea set. Later, when his grandsons came along, he'd already have the perfect set to share with them as well.

My husband is safely in heaven now. We never discovered this cute wooden tea set back then, but he did have fun making other fun things with his daughters like jewelry boxes. My girls are blessed with wonderful wood-working memories that they made with him years ago. It may seem like a small thing, but if your husband loves working with wood, giving him and his daughter this adorable wooden tea set could be the start of a long and enjoyable hobby together that will bless them both with memories for a lifetime!

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