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The Benefits of Using a Lathe Machine

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The lathe machine tool shapes an object by cutting, sanding, drilling or formation with tool by rotating the object on its axis. Generally a lathe machine is used to give shape to workpieces and has many parts. Most of them are feed service lever, back gear level, head stock, face plate, tool post, compound rest, saddle, clutch knob and half nut lever. Each and every part of the machine is very important and performs very complicated functions. The person who operates the machine is called turner. It fully depends on the experienced turner to do a great job which demands huge level of attention.

There are different types of lathe machines which are used for wood working, metal working, glass working, metal spinning, ornamental turning, shaping, rotary & watchmaking. Every type of lathe is used for specific function. For example, a steel workshop uses metal working lathes & a carpentry workshop uses wood working ones. A Lathe machine can be used to shape different objects. Besides, a solid round bar can be shaped to a bolt by making specific thread. It can be used for complicated drilling where it’s hard in the general drilling machine and can drill at specific angles by setting degrees.

Boring is the another function of lathe machine which is used to make holes inside an object. It can cut 6 inches of hole easily by using sharp tools. There are two types of tools mostly used for cutting solid material like M.S. cutting tool & diamond cutting tool. These two kinds of tools are used for fine tuning an object. The lathe object is used to sharpen is an alloy which is formed by adding some materials to harden it. Lathing concept has been formed since 1300(B.C) to the present. During this time it had evolved for different functions especially in mechanical works, carpentry works, glass works and steel fabrication where it’s contribution has been very essential.

Source by Sam Mathews

Cutting Mat – The Power Of Purchasing A Good Quality Cutting Mat

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Everyone who is active in the arts and crafts hobby knows the fact that the cutting mat is an extremely essential equipment to have when making crafting projects. The mat could also be used by those who are into putting together model kits similar to Gundams, RC Automobiles, Remote control jets and many more. Right now there are individuals who use this mat in most woodworking projects.

The primary purpose of the cutting mat is to try to make certain you don’t unintentionally damage your furniture or perhaps worktops. It’s well known that accidents can happen and our little ones (or perhaps us) might mistakenly damage a costly desk.

Almost all of the mats presently are actually imprinted with grid lines and various measurements that helps make highly accurate slices for regular sewing or even quilt making and many others. There are several forms of mats around and the cutting mats for sewing and quilt-making might demand surfaces which are a little sticky or rough to stop shifting the fabric a lot.

Mats also come in almost all forms and dimensions. You will discover mats that happen to be constructed from wood or bamboo which are normally used to cook with or in your kitchen. There are actually those which are made of rubber as well as plastic. As a result of my past experiences however, a mat that would be self healing or a self healing cutting mat has always been the best option.

A good self healing cutting mat offers self healing traits that enable it to reseal on its own after every single slice like magic. This kind of mat is well known for its durability and also robustness. This specific mat is known to be friendly with the cutting blades helping it to minimize the blunting of the cutting blades in contrast to mats that contain tough surfaces. This allows you to cut costs down the road from having to buy and also change the cutting blades over and over again.

When acquiring a self healing cutting mat, it is important to pick one that is at least 3mm thick and is also a minimum of 12 x 18 larger. This specific dimension is perfect for different kinds of crafting projects. Never select a smaller or slimmer mat specifications since it is not going to offer you the best possible security which you’re after.

Be cautious when picking a cutting mat and never ever go with the cheapest option. Poor mats will wear quickly and are definitely not worth the investment. It’s best to opt for a high quality self healing cutting mat that could present your furniture durability and protection.

Source by Robert P Garciasta

Organize Your Home and Do it Yourself – Home Projects Book Review

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Did you know during the economic recession a lot of people spend more time at home and therefore they spend more money on their home than they had in the past while they were working? In fact, people went out to eat at restaurants less, and they apparently have reinvested that money into their homes. It appears people are readjusting their lifestyle, and the American consumer is saving more on many of their expenses, while they are spending more of their homes.

Of course, during the recession people were not doing major home remodeling, but they are doing small do-it-yourself projects. There was a lot of reorganization of closets, creation of home offices, and all sorts of other things. Perhaps, you are thinking along the same lines and if you are, I'd like to recommend a very good book to you which will help you organize your home, and garage and do-it-yourself. The name of the book is;

"Storage Made Easy," by Manroe, 1995

There are all sorts of wonderful tips in this book, and it explains not only how to do it yourself, but which materials you should use, and where the best locations are to buy the materials on the cheap. Perhaps, you'd like to organize, or re-organize your garage, there is one great chapter in this book just on garages. For the ladies, there are all kinds of tips for organizing your shoes in the closet, and tips to better create storage space at of empty space.

Perhaps, the chapter on the kitchen and living room was the best of all. Would not you like to remove the clutter and make everything look very classy, ​​but still have everything easy to get to? Of course, you would, and that's something this book can do for you. Therefore, I highly recommend it and I hope you think about it.

Source by Lance Winslow

Prevent Air Bubbles and Bug Holes in Concrete When Casting Cement Stone Molds

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After over nineteen years in the concrete stone mold business, some of our do-it-yourself stone, paver and tile making customers and homeowners using our moulds still have problems with air bubbles or bug holes in the cast concrete products they make. Almost one-hundred percent of the time, it’s because they don’t follow the simple, free instructions provided with each purchase. So here are the instructions and techniques again in the form of a Home Improvement DIY article.

Is a mold release really necessary when casting concrete? – We always suggest using a mold release of some kind, even when using rubber molds. Mold release will help prolong the life of concrete, cement, or plaster molds. Using a mold release will also make de-molding the stone, tile, pavers, or other items you are duplicating, an easier and faster chore.

Make a home-made liquid mold release for use with Plaster of Paris, molding plaster and other plasters. When working with plaster, a simple mixture of a tablespoonful of liquid dish detergent to a cup of water makes a good release agent. Keep in mind that different plasters offer different shrinkage properties. The less a plaster shrinks, the more difficult it may be to de-mold the plaster item from a plastic or other semi-rigid mold. Be sure to read the instructions and properties on the package of all plasters before choosing one for your project. We also recommend using a soapy release when working with rubber molds and plaster. It makes a cleaner release and smoother finished piece, as well as helping to keep the plaster from sticking to the rubber molds— thus saving cleaning time and effort.

How to Make a Mold Release for use with Concrete and Cement – There are a number of commercially prepared concrete mold releases on the market. We actual offer our customers two types— a water-based and an oil-based mold release. We market it as a convenience to our customers. A light vegetable oil works just about as good as a commercial blend. The commercial releases may contain a suspended wax or other agents to make it easier to use, or offer other benefits.

Regular vegetable oil is fine, with a “light” vegetable oil being even better. But don’t worry about that. The problem with air bubbles in concrete castings is seldom the type of release used— it is usually the quantity left behind before pouring. It’s usually excess release, or it’s too much vibrating used to dislodge any air attached to the surface of the mold— or should I say between the mold and the freshly poured concrete. Have you heard the old saying about “too much of a good thing”? That’s normally the problem. With too much vibration, you can actually introduce air bubbles into the mix. And over-vibrating— especially with only half of the concrete batch poured into the mold first, can certainly cause excess air.

How much oil should be left to coat the mold? – For best results, be sure to wipe most of the oil out of your molds prior to filling them with concrete. You need to be especially aware of the low crevices of the mold where the oil can puddle. You should barely be able to see that there is a coating on the mold. Then fill your mold about half to three-quarters with your concrete mix. On a flat, level surface, lift each side of the mold about a half-inch or so and let it fall back flat to the table or other surface you are using. If it is a larger mold, say over 12″ in diameter lift it higher so that the center gets the benefit of the vibration as well. Do this about four or five times on all four sides. Then fill the mold to the finished depth that you want. This time, lift all four corners one at a time four or five times, letting them fall back down. Now shake the entire mold a couple of times in each direction to be sure that the concrete is level. Cover with plastic sheeting and wait for it to harden. This technique allows you to dislodge any air bubbles from what will be the surface of your stone.

Why is there air in my concrete mix? – Yes, having a certain amount of air in your mix is actually desirable… especially if the stone is for an exterior application. This is called air entrainment. It allows a space for any moisture within the concrete to expand and contract in a freezing environment. This is called freeze-thaw. When you use our mix additives, there is actually an air-entrainment agent in the additive to put air into the concrete! Normally, air entrainment in concrete and cement should only be about 5% though. That air really has little to do with “bubbles” or what are called “bug holes” in the industry to appear on the surface of your stone casting.

Think of how happy your arms are going to be now that they don’t have to vibrate that heavy concrete as much!

Source by John McKenzie Panagos

Custom Boxes Give Your Packaging a Little Style With Custom Boxes

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We are all familiar with that person who refuses to throw away package boxes because it is ‘just too beautiful to throw away.’ They lovingly caress the box gushing about how sleek and lavish it looks.

Well, you want your packaging to evoke a similar emotion. The customer must fall in love with the product before they even open it. There are lots of custom packaging companies that can give that and more. From simple merchandise bags to high-end fabric bags and gourmet creations that exude sophistication and style. Custom boxes ensure your products arrive in style.

While many use the word ‘box’ to describe custom packaging, it is by no means only restricted to a box. There are many options for the typical ‘box.’ Customizing packaging usually involves picking up a shape unique to your brand, adding a design or logo. Some brands even go as far as adding a name for their exclusive clients.

There are three printing methods normally used printing custom packaging

• Flexographic Printing: This works like a really big rubber stamp- a printing plate with your packaging’s design acts a huge ink pad that picks up ink and then stamps it onto your box. It is the cheaper of the two options

• Digital Printing: Digital printing is usually used for smaller sized orders. It is similar to the laser jet printer you use at home. It mixes the inks and then directly applies color and the design onto the custom box

• Litho Label Printing: Derived from lithography, it provides a much cleaner, greater resolution printing. Here the printing happens onto a paper sheet, treated, cut, and then attached to the box with an adhesive.

Custom boxes come in various sizes including but not limited to;

• 5-13/16″ X 5-3/4″ X 1-15/16″ – ideal for jewelry and other small items

• 7″ X 7-1/8″ X 2-1/4″ a great size for pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals and packaging for shipping

• 9″ X 6-1/2″ X 2-3/4″ – a very popular size for subscription boxes of all types

• 12-1/4″ X 9-1/4″ X 4″ – our new large capacity lock front, ideal for shipping anything from full size snack foods to pet toys.

Custom boxes are made from different kinds of materials including Eco-friendly and renewable resources; if that sort of thing matters to you. Most suppliers are happy to add trimmings such as crinkle-cut fillers, tissue paper, ribbons, bow and much more to complete the whole look.

Have an uncommon design? Have no fear. There are companies that are always on the lookout for unique designs to add to their ever-growing collection of cutting die and stock mailer inventory. You just have to spend a little more time looking for them.

If you have a cause you care about, there a lot of room on a custom box to highlight that cause. Customers love brands with a conscience. Only add a little message on what you stand for to side or top. It could be a story, poem or paragraph; it doesn’t matter, as long as it passes on your message.

So, go forth; get an impressive custom box to give your product an upper edge.

Source by John Petter

Where to Buy 3M Adhesive Products

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3M Adhesive Products have been available in the market for more than 50 years, and for nearly half a century, this company has been offering industrial Tapes and Adhesives to engineers, marketers and managers all over the world. Anybody who wishes to improve their product design and manufacturing opts for these adhesives.

3M Adhesive Products are used for various purposes, such as protecting, or enhancing the surfaces and modifying them in other ways. You can also use them for splicing and holding applications that are temporary in nature, such as hanging together poly drapes, or bundling pipes. Some of the more popular 3M Adhesive items are discussed further.

Structural and Non Structural Adhesives
The 3M structural adhesive are used to bond materials that have high strength, such as metals, ceramic, rubber, wood, composites. 3M Non-structural adhesives is used to bond substrates, and is used for purposes such as gasketing, insulation application, woodworking, sealing, and paneling. It is used on materials like fabric, plastic, leather, glass and wood. The bonding strength of 3M Adhesive Products is such that it can be compared to welding.

Bonding Tapes
3M has an extremely comprehensive line of bonding tapes that can be used to fulfill any application. Whatever solution you are looking for will be available with us. Some 3M bonding tapes have pressure sensitive adhesives on both sides, allowing you to bond mating surfaces on a permanent or permanently repositionable basis.

Where to buy 3M products?
When it comes to 3M Adhesive Products it is freely available in any number of retail stores in your local market. However, you can also check out online retail stores that will not only have a complete range of 3M products, they may also be willing to offer you discounts to make you permanent customers. In addition to this, you can do all the shopping from the comforts of your house and forget about having to fight traffic and hunt for parking space in front of the shop.

Source by Rahul K Pathak

Storage Sheds – Adding Convenience To Your Yard

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Storage sheds are used by millions around the world for a number of purposes. If you are looking to purchase one of your own, then you will have to take a number of things into consideration. Some of the factors that you will be considering include size, material, functionality, and mobility.

When considering which type of shed or out building to purchase, one thing that will play a role in the final decision will be the size of the shed that you wish to purchase. If you are planning on using it to store your lawn maintenance equipment, kids toys, and other odds and ends items that are used around the house, then you are probably going to need a fairly large building if you want to be able to store all of those items conveniently.

Most storage sheds come in predetermined sizes, but you do have the option of customizing yours to fit your needs. There may be a little more cost involved with this however. If you are simply looking to store a few yard work items such as rakes, shovels, gardening tools, and so on, then you might be able to get by with a smaller one that will cost a lot less.

These out buildings can be made of a number of different materials including metal, wood, plastic, brick, or just about any other material that you can think of. Most commonly used is probably the wood material because it is both cost effective and durable.

Plastic materials are more commonly used in smaller sized sheds, and metal can be used in any model that you require. When it comes to weather protection, all of the above mentioned materials will help keep your items dry and protected from the different weather elements.

Functionality and mobility are two other factors that can play a role in helping you decide which storage sheds to purchase. If you are looking for one that allows you to drive your lawnmowers and other yard equipment in and out of, then you will want to go with one that has swinging doors and a ramp that will provide you with easy in and out access.

If you want to move your shed around the yard from time to time, you might look at purchasing one that is easily movable. Perhaps you might even be able to find one that is equipped with wheels, which would really make moving it around simple.

Storage sheds are a convenient thing to have especially if you have a lot of equipment, tools, and other outdoor items that you need to store in the winter months. If you're looking to purchase one, keep the above factors in mind and you will be well on your way to finding the perfect match for your yard.

Source by Dennis Montgomery

Garden Shed Storage Construction

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A garden shed storage is a structure, much like a regular cabinet, that holds all the garden tools and other garden things in one place. This is a good way of organizing all your gardening needs, and making your backyard look neater and more pleasant to the eyes.

There are many garden shed storages sold in the market. However, you can also build your own if you are on a budget. Also, sometimes it is better to build your own shed storage so you can customize the dimensions and materials accordingly. Follow simple steps in constructing a garden shed storage.

First delineate shed perimeter to identify the exact location and reduce mistakes. Using three 2×3 stakes, trace right angles and triangles to create impression of second perimeter. Attach strings in the triangle to form four-sided perimeter. The strings must cross over the corners of actual perimeter.

To concretely block foundation, use concrete pots or concrete slabs. Concrete pillows are elevated at at least 8 concrete piers buried below frontline. On the other hand concrete slabs are formed by digging hole and placing plywood and truss beams which will rest on the ground.

To build floor systems, floor joists must be arranged corresponding with the shed. Two parallel joists are marked for every 12 inches. Create right angle patterns using the triangle method. Brackets are nailed in the center and strings are also attached. Plywood is nailed to cover an entire surface of the floor. Ensure that plywood is perpendicular to joists.

Build walls one by one on the shed floor. Nail studies at both ends. Attach plywood panels to walls. Use temporary braces to hold up the wall until all of them are joined together. Nail four walls with each other.

Build rafters every 16 inches. Mark rafters where the truss beams will be placed. Cover with oriented strand board. Install the doors next.

As for windows, there are pre-built windows available. Install them next. Then install the roof

Generally garden sheds use 3 types of materials: metal, vinyl, and wood.

Metal is usually galvanized steel or aluminum coated with baked enamel finish to achieve toughness. They come in variety of colors and are easy to maintain.

Vinyl panels are tough and come with paintable steel doors. The structure withstands any type of weather and is also easy to maintain.

Wood possesses traditional look of barns. It has solid lumber frames and resemblances into a small house.

Some of the most popular accessories used in garden sheds are listed below.

Ramps are sturdy single story structure used to move equipments in and out the sheds like the lawn mower. It is usually made of wood or metal. Some ramps are wiser than lawn tractor tires.

Windows and skylights are used to increase natural light within the shed. Skylights are horizontal windows placed in the roof of the shed. It helps save money and energy. Shutters and window boxes are also available together with the windows.

Lofts are created as parking spaces for mowers. They are basically used as space for larger equipments.

Shelves are installed to serve as storage place for tools and other materials to achieved organization.

Work benches are important when shed is used as hobby shop or gardening area.

Source by David Urmann

Finding a Top Marketing Recruitment Agency to Help Find Your Next Marketing Job

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Marketing jobs in Leeds can be hard to find. There are a large number of new marketing recruitment agencies appearing throughout Yorkshire, with many recruiters deciding to set up new recruitment companies. These micro recruiters often work from home, with very little over heads. The power of the internet to search for 1000s of CVs with ease, on large recruitment sites has created several new problems.

I recently had a phone call from a ‘one man’ recruitment agency, informing me that he had put my CV forward for a job (without my knowledge) and I had been offered an interview. I didn’t like the way my CV had been submitted without my permission or knowledge. Having complained to the marketing recruitment agency directly, I also rang up the company that had offered an interview and asked them not to deal with this recruiter in the future. I was happy with they way they handled the situation and felt confident that my reputation had not been damaged.

This brings me to the topic of how to choose a top marketing recruitment agency. As a candidate it can be very hard to decide which agencies to approach when looking for a new job. It is best to apply with a one or two good marketing agencies rather than many poor agencies.

If you have friends in the same marketing industry, why not ask if they have used any marketing recruitment agencies and could they recommend one. Even with the power of the internet the old fashioned word of mouth can still be the best source of recommendation when choosing a recruitment agency to use.

Finding the right agency for you, could be as simple as contacting real people near where you are looking for network marketing jobs in Leeds. They usually have good relationships with clients within their area.

Source by Martin O Woods

New Kitchen Appliances That Every Kitchen Should Have

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Everyone loves good food, some of us even love to make good food. For people who enjoy cooking and working in the kitchen, new kitchen appliances have made our jobs fantastic and much easier. Things like blenders have made puree much easier, dishwashers have made clean up a breeze, but what about some other appliances that can help you while you’re cooking and preparing? There are several of those as well.

A microplane grater is a great tool. It is based off of an old wood working tool. With a handle and a long slender grater it makes grating cheese a cinch. The way it is formed makes it easy to handle and you can easily grate hard cheese and chocolate, even some spices if you’d like. Erasing the old notion of a grater this microplane grater puts no strain on your hands and wrists like the old fashioned cheese grater.

Are you sick and tired of having stacks and stacks of different measuring cups? Then Adjust-a-Cup measuring cup is just what the chef ordered. Instead of picking out a new measuring cup every time you need to measure something out, you can simply use one kitchen tool. With a simple twist of the bottom you can adjust it to whatever measurement you need, and pushing the bottom up removes any and all left over mess inside so you can use it over and over without having to wash it every 5 seconds.

Dual kitchen timers are amazing. Most microwaves and ovens have built in timers but what if you’re not in the kitchen? What if you need a timer for two dishes while you go and take care of preparing for a family get together or a party? A dual timer is perfect for this exact reason. You can take it with you so you will know exactly when each of your dishes are done and you won’t have to worry about burning cookies or dinner ever again.

Everyone and anyone that enjoys cooking, baking and preparing meals needs some new kitchen appliances. They can make your jobs in the kitchen easier and faster. There’s no need to fuss and fight with old appliances and tools turning your supposed joyous cooking occasion into a confusing and frustrating nightmare. Look into new and useful kitchen appliances and tools and get too doing what you love to do. Create a masterpiece for you and your family with a little help from some really cool tools.

Source by Wesley Lancombe

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