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What To Look For When Considering A Woodworking Bench

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As any woodworking fanatic will know a bench is an essential fixture in any good workshop. Fine woodworking benches can either be portable or a permanent fixture. Some even may come equipped with drawers, vises or a drafting table tilt top. But a good quality bench will not only help the work to go faster and more accurately it will also keep the user safe.

Today a good workbench will come in all shapes and sizes. It may be a small foldable one that can be taken from job to job or it may be heavy furniture like piece with drawers and cabinets, which is a permanent fixture in your workshop. Often the permanent woodworking benches have a standard top and their counter height is usually about 36 "from the ground. them to your own height and also the tools that you will be working with.

So when looking for a bench what should you be considering?

1. Look for one that you feel most comfortable with. If you can visit your local store and try out a few woodworking benches to see what suits you best. It is important that the bench is not only comfortable for your size but also how you work. This will ensure that you will have a safe and convenient place in order for getting your work done.

2. Look at what kinds of accessories you can get for your woodworking bench or what is included. Many woodworking benches come with a vice that is attached to them. There are three main types of vice that are available. The front vice screw, the tail or end vice screw and the quick action vice (but this is more often used for those working in metal). Also many woodworking benches come with dog holes as well as bench dogs that can be used for clamping operations. They can also be used as stops in order for work to butt up against them. These are often 19mm in diameter and are either made from hard wood, solid brass or some other soft material such as plastic in order that they do not damage what the person is working on.
So remember when looking for fine woodworking benches you should consider the points above. But probably the most important thing is finding a bench that you will comfortable working at.

Source by Douglas Taylor

Attention All Woodworkers – Do You Really Know How to Clean a Paintbrush? – Woodworking Help

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If you are an avid wood worker or do it yourselfer do not you just hate it when the neighbor comes over to borrow one of your precious paintbrushes? Then a day or two later he lets you know that he returned your brush back to the workshop. You go to use it a week or two later and it's hard as a rock. Simple answer it was not cleaned properly.

No doubt if you are into doing a lot of various painting, you have a good selection of brushes and probably some more expensive ones as well. The first thing you need to learn is to clean and maintain your paintbrushes properly.

Even if you clean your brushes but do an improper job then the paint job you do with them is going to be inferior as well. All too often, a novice painter will blow a poor paint job on the paint when the real culprit is a badly cared for paintbrush. If you do not get yourself into the habit of cleaning your brushes properly then you might as well throw your money away because you are going to have to toss the brushes.

The next question is when you do clean your brushes. Ideally as soon as you have stopped using then for the day, not two days later when the paint job is done. If you are only going to be stopping for an hour or two then you can wrap your brush carefully in some plastic wrap. If you are going to be gone for several hours then soak the brush in the proper cleaning solvent suitable for the type of paint you are using. Filling a glass jar, just enough to cover the brushes will do the job.

Most people prefer to use water based paints and products because of the ease in which they clean up. If you are using a water-based product then you will be able to use soap and water for cleaning your brushes as well. Preferably using an old laundry tub for your cleaning just let some warm water run through the brush to remove the initial excess paint. Then put some liquid soap on the brush and gently work it in. You can use shampoo for this if you want because it conditions the bristles as well Do not squish or twist the bristles. Then rinse well. Repeat this as often as necessary until the brush is totally clean and the rinse water runs clear of the color you were using.

If you are using an oil-based product then you are going to have to use a solvent to clean the brush. Ideally, if you have an old piece of board use this to brush the excess paint out to it. Then soak the brush in a glass container that contains the solvent. Weaving gloves work the solvent well into the bristle. Use an old comb to separate the bristles so the solvent can get into the inner bristles. Repeat the step using a second jar of solvent and twirl the brush around in the solvent until it looks clean. Then take an empty small bucket and twirl your brush around in it to remove the excess solvent. Now wash the brush as you did for the water-based brushes.

Source by Ryan Henderson

Woodworking Plans Can Turn Your Hobby Into a Profitable Business

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Woodworking, depending upon you perspective, is considered an art, a craft or a hobby. However it can also be a means to a substantial income. There are many people who love working with wood, but view it as only a hobby.

Many amateur woodworkers armed with a set of woodworking plans and an entrepreneurial spirit have successfully transformed their hobby into a lucrative business.

Creativity and innovation are key factors in the start-up of any business, and a woodworking business is no different. Woodworking plans will insure that you complete your wood projects faster and with better results.

There are a lot of different types of plans available online. There are woodworking plan packages that offer literally thousands of plans for any type of woodworking project that you can think of. Obviously some are better than others, and some plans are even free. However when dealing with free plans, remember the old saying; you get what you pay for. Besides, the quality woodworking plans that you have to pay for are not very expensive at all.

Truthfully speaking, many beginners in the woodworking business minimize the importance of working with woodworking plans, feeling that it somehow detracts from their creativity. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Many of the plans that you can buy come with great tips on how to customize your projects and include business tips expressly for the woodworker looking to start his or her own business.

A good rule to follow when starting out is; to be successful – do what other successful people have done. Don’t just buy any old set of woodworking plans. Look for plans form established woodworking professionals.

What to Expect from the Right Woodworking Plans

One area of importance for any business that manufactures a product is the cost of materials and tools. Good plans focus on these elements by showing you exactly what materials and tools are needed for each project.

As mentioned earlier, a good woodworking package is not just a huge list of plans but also good source of information about starting your own woodworking business. A quality product makes everything much easier for you. The right package of plans will also show you everything from start to finish for your new business.

You will be shown how to customize your work and incorporate your own ideas into each project. You will also learn how to specialize and find the appropriate niche that works best for you.

Specialty Woodworking Plans and Tools

You really need to decide upon the proper niche for your business. Woodworking covers a lot of ground and you can build anything from simple bird houses up to home or office furniture. Copywriting your products will also protect you from others stealing your ideas and designs.

The products you decide upon will also have a bearing on the size of your business, the tools needed and the space necessary to produce your products. If you plan to start out small, the use of simpler hand tools probably will be adequate. If a larger scale production is what you have in mind, you will obviously be looking at more sophisticated shop machinery like jointers, planers, etc.

Either way, make sure you opt for quality tools and the proper workspace.

Source by Thord Hall

Woodworking Rack Plans – Resourceful Tips

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Home improvement stores, woodworking magazines and the world wide web are some resourceful ways to find woodworking rack plans. There are a lot of racks used for many different things. Everyone has a purpose for some type of rack. Book, CD and DVD; wine, gun and spice racks to name a few.

The average home will have book, CD and DVD. Book racks have always been popular. Libraries and book stores will utilize books the most. Woodworking rack plans is needed for commercial book racks. With modern society CD and DVD are now popular in homes. These type of racks can be found in most retail stores.

Wine may not be as popular in the average home. There are some homes that have wine but you will see it more in a commercial atmosphere such as restaurants and bars. Generally wine wood racks can be found in woodworking magazines and books. Gun racks can also be found in woodworking magazines and books. Gun racks are more popular with the outdoor men and women who like hunting and gaming as a sport.

Spice racks tend to be a little unique simply because the design changes to fit the surrounding. Spices appear in the kitchen. Usually no two kitchens are alike. Therefore, for the spice rack to fit in, it is usually custom made and if not custom made, then a variety to choose from must be available. Spice racks can be found on the Internet, craft stores, and of course woodworking rack plans. Wood racks have found it place in the home as well as commercial environments.

Source by Clifford Glasgow

How to Build a Deck Step by Step on a Low Budget

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You'll need to think about how to keep your enthusiasm going when learning how to build a deck step by step, so here's some things that will keep you going. If you're building a deck for your own home, the process can really be fun.

Deciding on Materials

Setting up string line and pacing dimensions can be done reliably quickly. If your configuration is not correct, just move a stack or two until it's where you like it. Once the outline of the deck is established, the next thing is to decide on the materials for the decking surface.

Sometimes the type of decking you'll go with will depend on the availability of the materials. In some areas of the country, 2 "redwood decking is more precalent than spruce, and other locales might have stacks of 2" doug fir at a great price.

Know Your Measurements

It's always better to have more square footage material for your deck surface when deciding on decking material. This is what's referred to as allowable waste, and if you're not completely familiar with how to build a deck, step by step, you're going to find this is a smart calculation.

Everything looks fine on paper, but once the project is underway, you'll have a few odd cuts here and there, and maybe decide to run some extra blocking under the barbecue area.

Get a Little More Wood Than You Need

The 2 "deck joists, 4" girders and posts and 2 "bracing are readily available, and they can be figured relatively close in terms of overall footage. 5% over on decking.

However, if one already knows how to build a deck, step by step, that same person knows, a little extra is better than being short. If you do not want to run out of framing material, consider this an insider tip.

Post anchors, post hole mix and metal post anchors can be bought anywhere building materials are sold.

The layout of the girders will determine the layout of the concrete footings for the girder posts. A good rule of thumb to employ is not to us anything over 8 'span when it comes to posts and girders that support the deck joist.

Attaching the Deck to the House

If the overall measurement happens to leave 10 'at one end, simply add another post. If the deck attaches to the house, and the distance from that point to the outside edge of the deck is 16 'or less, you will need one girder. The deck will need 2 girders if the distance is 18 '. Handrails are a consideration in terms of materials needed in building a deck.

Beware of Building Codes

The building code in many locales specifications, where the deck surface is less than 18 "above the grade, handrails are not required. them.

The department of buildings has specifications outlining how to build a deck step by step. After the layout of the deck, the next step in how to build a deck step by step is the concrete post feet and girder posts.

All you need are a chalk line and a saw to trim the edge of the deck. This is the part of the project where one can get the shape of deck to their complete liking.

Source by Shalisha Alston

Six Key Points to Consider Before Building Wooden Houses

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In the world of real state, wooden houses keep and will always maintain the glamor among all other types of constructions. Neverheless, building a wooden house has its procedures that must be followed to the letter.

Setting a working plan

When building wooden houses, you must have an appropriate working plan. In this way, you can expect a proper construction so that the result could be satisfactory to the customer. The working plan must include all details according to the structure of the house including financial issues, legal stuff and design notes. This plan must be written by an experienced engineer or designer.

Seeking for advice

It is necessary to seek for the relevant counsel so the customer may know all the basic features of the product they want to buy. Moreover, some factors such as price, the image that will show the final assembly of the chosen model, and so on, is the key to making a compelling work.

Finding details

There are styles of wooden houses that take longer to build than others, because you need to set following consultation with the client. This must be done, in order to find out what are the details or accessories. Moreover, you must find if this customer is particularly interested in additional items that could be includable, so you can make respect adjustments servicing the installation of these accessories. For example, the garden furniture can be regarded as the easiest to construct of all, their disposition and manufacture are not as obvious as it looks.

Finding the correct location

To set the wheels, or the right structures of wooden houses, call it whatever they are called, the place where the construction is being made, plays a critical role. This is because the light and temperature conditions are important in structuring the final form of the building or accessory.


The main issue of this business does not seem to be economic, but the effective disposition of the builder or design expert has to the customer, so that his intentions for revision and prestige are able to carry up to a point of consensus.

Problem handling

In this business, we may have annoying details that we should consider. Yes, no doubt of that, but all this is considered part of an organized working plan that allows, perfectly, achieving the perfect combination between the harmony of construction and functionality. It must be, at times, the triumph of intelligence over the flamboyant and the functional against the bizarre.

Source by Daniel Rios

Home And You: Seven Things To Remember When You Are Designing The Interiors

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A lot of people think that the most difficult task is to design the exteriors of a house; the truth is something else. To be honest, interiors are the most difficult part in constructing and getting your home ready for you to stay in it. Since most of the people visit your house and check every single thing, you need to be sure about all the things that you use for the interiors.

If you are designing the interiors of your house and want them to be good enough for others to see, here are the top seven things for you to remember:

1) It is always good to have a single shade on all the walls of a particular room. You may have different colors for different rooms, but a single shade always looks best for each room, unless you want a special wall to display an expensive showpiece, an antique item or your hobby.

2) If you have instruments, they can be excellent decorative items for the interiors of your house. There are so many ways in which you can flaunt your expensive guitars, drums, violins, etc. If you have any instrument, let it occupy a special place in the living room.

3) Let there be paintings in every single room of your house, including the washrooms or bathrooms. If you can not afford to buy oil paintings, you can always go for the printed sheets. Get the sheets framed and place one painting in every room.

4) Wind chimes may seem unimportant to you, but they can bring a lot of happiness to your house. Beside, there are many people, who find it easy to sleep to the shimmering sounds of wind chimes. So, for the sake of positive energies, happiness and sound sleep, hang wind chimes in different rooms of your house.

5) You may have a verandah or a garden, but having a few plants inside your house is a good thing. Since these plants supply oxygen to you, you feel fresh all through the day.

6) If you are married or are living with your partner, you must have a wall that depicts all the romantic moments you both have spent together. When you keep looking at all those pictures, you feel stronger about your relationship; such a thing also boosts commitment and loyalty.

7) If you are a creative person, it is always good to flaunt your skills by hanging some of your DO IT YOURSELF projects.

Source by Rajesh B Sanghvi

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