How to Build a Deck Step by Step on a Low Budget

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You'll need to think about how to keep your enthusiasm going when learning how to build a deck step by step, so here's some things that will keep you going. If you're building a deck for your own home, the process can really be fun.

Deciding on Materials

Setting up string line and pacing dimensions can be done reliably quickly. If your configuration is not correct, just move a stack or two until it's where you like it. Once the outline of the deck is established, the next thing is to decide on the materials for the decking surface.

Sometimes the type of decking you'll go with will depend on the availability of the materials. In some areas of the country, 2 "redwood decking is more precalent than spruce, and other locales might have stacks of 2" doug fir at a great price.

Know Your Measurements

It's always better to have more square footage material for your deck surface when deciding on decking material. This is what's referred to as allowable waste, and if you're not completely familiar with how to build a deck, step by step, you're going to find this is a smart calculation.

Everything looks fine on paper, but once the project is underway, you'll have a few odd cuts here and there, and maybe decide to run some extra blocking under the barbecue area.

Get a Little More Wood Than You Need

The 2 "deck joists, 4" girders and posts and 2 "bracing are readily available, and they can be figured relatively close in terms of overall footage. 5% over on decking.

However, if one already knows how to build a deck, step by step, that same person knows, a little extra is better than being short. If you do not want to run out of framing material, consider this an insider tip.

Post anchors, post hole mix and metal post anchors can be bought anywhere building materials are sold.

The layout of the girders will determine the layout of the concrete footings for the girder posts. A good rule of thumb to employ is not to us anything over 8 'span when it comes to posts and girders that support the deck joist.

Attaching the Deck to the House

If the overall measurement happens to leave 10 'at one end, simply add another post. If the deck attaches to the house, and the distance from that point to the outside edge of the deck is 16 'or less, you will need one girder. The deck will need 2 girders if the distance is 18 '. Handrails are a consideration in terms of materials needed in building a deck.

Beware of Building Codes

The building code in many locales specifications, where the deck surface is less than 18 "above the grade, handrails are not required. them.

The department of buildings has specifications outlining how to build a deck step by step. After the layout of the deck, the next step in how to build a deck step by step is the concrete post feet and girder posts.

All you need are a chalk line and a saw to trim the edge of the deck. This is the part of the project where one can get the shape of deck to their complete liking.

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