What To Look For When Considering A Woodworking Bench

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As any woodworking fanatic will know a bench is an essential fixture in any good workshop. Fine woodworking benches can either be portable or a permanent fixture. Some even may come equipped with drawers, vises or a drafting table tilt top. But a good quality bench will not only help the work to go faster and more accurately it will also keep the user safe.

Today a good workbench will come in all shapes and sizes. It may be a small foldable one that can be taken from job to job or it may be heavy furniture like piece with drawers and cabinets, which is a permanent fixture in your workshop. Often the permanent woodworking benches have a standard top and their counter height is usually about 36 "from the ground. them to your own height and also the tools that you will be working with.

So when looking for a bench what should you be considering?

1. Look for one that you feel most comfortable with. If you can visit your local store and try out a few woodworking benches to see what suits you best. It is important that the bench is not only comfortable for your size but also how you work. This will ensure that you will have a safe and convenient place in order for getting your work done.

2. Look at what kinds of accessories you can get for your woodworking bench or what is included. Many woodworking benches come with a vice that is attached to them. There are three main types of vice that are available. The front vice screw, the tail or end vice screw and the quick action vice (but this is more often used for those working in metal). Also many woodworking benches come with dog holes as well as bench dogs that can be used for clamping operations. They can also be used as stops in order for work to butt up against them. These are often 19mm in diameter and are either made from hard wood, solid brass or some other soft material such as plastic in order that they do not damage what the person is working on.
So remember when looking for fine woodworking benches you should consider the points above. But probably the most important thing is finding a bench that you will comfortable working at.

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