Owner Builder Projects for Savings

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We are all looking for ways to save money these days. Home building, repair and renovation can be expensive when a general contractor is involved. So what kinds of projects can an owner builder tackle to save money?

Home Repair

Home repair is probably the most intuitive owner builder project. Whether you have a roof or foundation wall that leaks or an annoying floor squeak, do-it-yourself home repairs are entirely possible these days. From home repair books to YouTube, there are all kinds of resources to help you get educated to make your own repairs. In doing so, your costs can be cut into a third because your only cost is material.

But what if you do not have the time or tools to do it yourself? You can hire a professional trade contractor to handle the work. Just make sure you do your homework to fully understand the problem prior to calling repair companies. The best way to keep from being bamboozled is to know what you are talking about.

Home Remodeling

Home remodeling can include things like a kitchen renovation, a bath makeover or even a basement finishing project. For these, the difficulty is one step above the typical home repair project in that they require multiple building activities and trades. Yes, you can do all of the work yourself but in most cases, the owner builder will hire out a portion of the work. By taking on the general contractor role for your home remodeling projects you can pocket up to thirty percent in savings.

Home Additions

The next level of difficulty for owner builder projects includes adding living space to your home. From adding on to the family room to finishing off an attic, home additions can actually add value to a home. The most difficult part about these projects is the homeowner typically lives on the job site. Although this makes it easier for the owner to manage the project, it creates stress for the whole family. Dirt, noise, and chaos can really take their toll when a project lingers too long.

Build a New Home

Building a new home as an owner builder has its advantages. From cost savings to control, this project can be very rewarding for the brave soles that tackle the job. Not only do you save the general contractor markup, but you also have some potential huge savings when tackling some of the work yourself. When everything is done right, the owner builder can save anywhere from twenty to thirty percent on their new dream home.

Tackling your own home projects as an owner builder can provide a huge sense of pride while potentially saving big money.

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