The Perfect DIY Tools for Men

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There are certain items in life that no man feels complete without, for some it is a garden shed, for others it is a car they love and clean obsessively. For many, it is a fully equipped tool box complete with hand tools, power tools and every other eventuality for those necessary DIY jobs. Whether you're a man who will need to be nagged to get on with jobs around the house, or you're a DIY enthusiast who's always looking for something to fix, it is good to know you have the tools for the job. So make sure you're equipped when your girlfriend needs help putting furniture together, your wife asks you to hang a shelf, or your kids need a bike fixed. Here is a compilation of the perfect DIY tools for men:

1. Power drill.

Whether you're putting up shelves or laying flooring, a power drill is an essential item for all tool boxes. It has enough power to do most stuff around the house but is not too heavy.

2. Screwdriver

A screwdriver is a basic for all toolboxes, it can be necessary from unscrewing plugs to change a fuse, to putting together flat pack furniture. Without a screwdriver you will soon be stuck so ensure it's part of your tool kit.

3. Scalpel

This hand tool is great for fixing things like wings and cutting wires, but do not be tempted to act the surgeon if your friend or relative is injured, a tool box scalpel does not a surgeon make.

4. Hammer

Do not be tempted to use the handle of a screwdriver to bang nails into a wall, this is a quick route to A & E. Invest in a good hammer and you'll find it always comes in useful.

5. Hand Saw

A hand saw will come in useful both in the home and garden. From plumbing, to carpentry, to cutting branches or wings, a saw is an essential implementation for any tool box.

6. Tape Measure

Whatever home improvements you are planning, this will help you ensure they fit perfectly. There's nothing worse than getting a new sofa or curtains to find they do not fit so keep a tape measure handy in your tool box.

7. Wrench

A crescent wrench is the most useful, and has a sliding jaw which will change the width so you can use the same tool on different size nuts and bolts.

8. Pliers

This essential tool is good for any project that requires you to cut, bend, grip or strip wire. Pliers can get into small cavities, but be careful not to use them in place of a screwdriver.

9. A Laser Level

Laser levels are an accurate and essential DIY tool for accuracy and easiness. No other DIY leveling tool can view lines from short and long distances. The light lines are identifiable for households when doing decorating for interior rooms. The auto laser levels can automatically adjust themselves making past traditional leveling issues easily overcome with new laser level technology.

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