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A band saw is a very popular power tool. A band saw has a metal blade with teeth that will cut through different types of work pieces. These saws are great for woodworking, metalworking, and for cutting just about anything imaginable. Take a look at the various types of band saws and find one for you.

For people that do metal working, band saws are a necessary tool. These saws come in both horizontal and vertical design. Your band saw will be able to cut through numerous types of metals. Neverheless, in order to do this, you will have to make sure that you have the proper blade for that type of metal. Depending on what type of metal your cutting you may need a more heavy duty blade.

Band saws are great for timber cutting. Most of these saws will be found at a timber mill and they use very large band saws to make the first cut by ripping the lumber. In ripping lumber, the band saw will cut strips of the whole tree to make it manageable for shipping or processing even further. The large band saw also helps reduce waste and get the most out of every timber. Band saws used in timber mills are generally very large and can be very dangerous. Proper maintenance is important with these to keep them up and running at their best quality.

Most meat saws are a form of the band saw also. To be sterilized, the band saws have a stainless steel construction that makes for easy cleaning. Blades are also heat treated and generally have a very fine tip for making a quality cut of meat. These saws make breaking down an animal and shipping it to a store or getting it processed much easier and more efficient. This also reduces waste with a detailed cut

There are also band saws for personal home usage. Some people need a band saw for construction on their home or certain projects. They also may have a hobby that requires a band saw. You do not have to own a commercial business to own band saws; they are available at a variety of retailers for the public to purchase. There are many different types of band saws that you can buy and bring into your home.

With any band saw, there are different ways to feed what you want to cut into the machine. There is a gravity feed that allows the saw to use its own weight to feed the wood, metal, or meat through the machine. If you are purchasing one for personal use, it's probably gravity fed.

Hydraulic fed band saws use a piston to move the saw through the piece of wood or whatever it may be cutting. This of course increases the cost of the band saw, and generally is only installed on the more heavy-duty saws. If you have a production band saw, most likely, it has a hydraulic feed.

Whatever your needs may be for band saws, there are a variety of styles out there that will match what you are doing. Check out a close retail store that specializes in tools and find the band saw for your job. Be sure to invest in one that was designed for what you were doing and be safe.

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