Beautiful Woodwork With Your Scroll Saw

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So now that you’re getting better with your scroll saw skills, it’s time for you to start making beautiful woodwork. To turn out beautiful work you need to have great patterns. So many times the first thing people think about is getting on-line and looking for free patterns. There are some free patterns that you can build beautiful woodworking projects from. Be careful, because if these are not full sized patterns they give you measurements only. That’s fine if you’re making a square. ( Doing beautiful woodwork on your scroll saw isn’t for squares).

I have said in past articles about free plans, there is no such thing as a free lunch. First off, most free plan sites do not show the best stuff they have. You have to buy it. So if you’re not getting a free lunch, you might as well go out and pay for prime rib. For beautiful woodwork get the best full size plan you can. The guy selling you good plans and patterns is doing so to make money and he wants you to come back for more, it is called capitalism. But more than that, these patterns have been created by the guy selling them, he’s proud of them and has used them to do beautiful woodwork that he produces and sells. So what he is selling you is his knowledge and experience. If you are like me, you need all the knowledge and experience you can get.

To get beautiful work it is important to get started right. All right, you now have a full size pattern, the first thing you should do is look around the shop and see if you have some old 1/8 inch paneling, if not go down to your budget lumber yard and buy the cheapest piece you can get.

Glue your paper patterns onto the paneling then cut them out with your scroll saw. You now have a pattern that you can use over and over. You may think that you will only make one from your paper pattern but someone will see your beautiful project and want one. In these hard times that’s cash money for doing something you love, you might as well get paid for it.

Hear are some tricks for you to turn out beautiful woodwork. After you trace your pattern and start sawing, always try to saw out your pencil lines because these lines are very hard to sand out and as they say, time is money, you need to sand your project right. Start with 80 grit sandpaper, then go to 100 grit, and finish with 220 grit, this will make your work shine. Finish with a clear oil finish or paint and your work will make you proud. Thank you for reading my article and I will be talking to you soon, together we will do beautiful woodwork. Uncle Mel

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