How To Build A Tree House That Will Last For Years

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Learning how to build a tree house can be a lot of fun. The single most important thing is to have a plan. A quality wood working project always begins with a solid plan. If you do not have a plan I'll show you where you can get some later on in this article.

The next step is to go out and buy all the material you need which will depend on what you have chosen for design plans and size. Start out building the supports for the bottom of the frame or floor making sure they stay on track with your plans. Now you should be ready to build the floor but just remember to make sure it's strong enough to hold at least a few hundred pounds and again, stick to the plans. After you get the floor set in you should be ready to start building your walls and then raise them up into place on your tree house and secure them down to the floor and framework.

You should now be ready to start the roof. Get a helper for this part if you can to make it easier but if you do not have one no worries because it can be done by yourself just like the walls. Now that your tree house is starting to look like a tree house it's time to add a little safety into it by putting up some railroads around the outside to keep the little ones from falling off.

Without your going to get super fancy and build a stairway, the ladder is the next thing you should probably build. Most tree house ladders should be built at least eighteen to twenty four inches wide and also be made of strong hardwood or even pressure treated for superior strength and longevity.

Well now that your tree house is nearly completed your ready for some of the more fun parts. You can have the kids help you out with some of these since they're probably going to play in it more than you. Kids love things like a quick escape rope ladder that can be thrown out the back window or maybe out of a secret floor hatch.
The possibilities are almost endless with ideas like bird nests or telescopes. You know your kids better than i do of course so some features will be unique to you and your childrens hobbies and interests.

One final thing to remember is that you absolutely must stain or paint your new project to weather proof it as much as possible. This is going to allow your children to enjoy their new toy for years to come.

Learning how to build a tree house will allow your kids to play even more games and use their imagination. Tree houses in my opinion are one of the coolest toys a kid can have. A tree house will give your children more time to spend outside getting good healthy fresh air and exercise instead of sitting around playing video games.

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