Carpenters and Woodworkers Rely on Sturdy Milwaukee Power Tools

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Milwaukee tools are fast, safe and powerful. They offer a diverse range of features to help woodworkers' complete projects efficiently and productively.

Carpenters and Woodworkers Prefer High Performance Saws

Milwaukee too are rated some of the best amongst power tools, especially their high precision saws. Milwaukee sells high-performance saws that are suitable for divers cutting functions:

o 7 "circular saw with Quik-Lok cord – Features an adjustable main handle that provides users with maximum control and comfort, Quik-Lok cord, and power assisted brake. to reach depth and bevel.

o Sawzall – Helps woodworkers with the tough cutting jobs. Sawzall blades have tooth configuration and heat treating which are designed to enhance the performance in specific cutting applications. The blades are durable and Sawzall blades fit all Sawzalls and other competitive saws. They vary in price, style and length.

o Orbital Jig Saw 6268-21 – Includes anti-Splintering device, plastic shoe cover carrying case, two blades, dust shield, LED light provides accuracy and visibility of sight lines, and precision roller blade that yields accurate cuts of any shape. The Orbital Jig saw features power, ergonomics and versatility.

Milwaukee Features Quality Tools for Carpenters and Woodworkers

Because of their labor intensive work, carpenters and woodworkers prefer using quality tools like Milwaukee. Milwaukee sells a variety of cordless power drills that makes drilling jobs easier and more efficient.

Some of these drills include:

o Drill 850 850 Magnum – Features 8.0 amp motor, variable speed control, metal gear case and diaphragm, 8 ft. 3-wire rubber cord, 360 locking side handle, ergonomic textured grip, and two finger trigger

o Compact cordless drill series – Includes 12 and 14.4 volt cordless driver drills with Clip-LokT system. These smaller drills are great for smaller spaces, but still deliver high RPMs for fast, efficient drilling.

o Drill Mag press – Features powerful 9.0 amp, two coil magnet and simple two button control panel.

Woodworking shops have a tendency to become easily dirty and cluttered. Milwaukee also sells equipment to keep shops clean such as vacuums including wet / dry vacuums, tool belts, tool hooks and tool caddies. Milwaukee power tools also include sanders / grinders and smaller tools, such as wrenches and screwdrivers, that help assist with carpentry jobs.

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