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There are many great reasons why you should buy wooden baby toys. Not only are these toys beautiful objects in their own right but they can also provide wonderful tools to assist with development.

Eco-Friendly Toys

If you are interested in sustainability then wooden baby toys can be the ideal choice. Quality wooden toys are made from sustainable wood sources and certified natural fibers (including wool and cotton).

• The wood for these toys is sourced from managed woodlands and forests.

• When trees are harvested new trees are planed in their place to create an on-going and sustainable source of wood.

• Many wooden toys can also be made from remnant woods. This ensures that as much of the harvested trees are used as possible.

• Small wooden toys such as rattles and teeth rings can be made from branches that fall naturally from the tree or are removed as part of regular forest management.

• This means that no living trees have to be cut down to design and craft many excellent wooden baby toys.

• Wooden toys are very durable and can last a long time. Unlike plastic toys they can be safely fixed in most cases if they do get damaged.

• This makes wooden baby toys very durable and long lasting. Many people give baby toys to friends and family or hand them down.

• This saves on waste and ensures the wood is reused many times.

• Wood is of course biodegradable and recyclable. This reduces landfill and helps to cut down on unnecessary waste.

• Quality wooden baby toys do not contain any harmful toxic ingredients. This means that they are safer for your baby and also safer for the environment.

Learn Through Play

Play provides an important way in which babies develop key skills. There are many simple wooden toys that can provide wonderful opportunities for you to interact with your baby and help their development.

• Brightly colored rattles can help babies to focus and develop their color and shape recognition.

• For older babies and toddlers there are many wonderful wooden toys such as jigsaw puzzles, building blocks and skittles.

• These can offer a number of learning opportunities from problem solving through to spatial awareness.

• Small wooden trikes and ride-ons are also very practical toys. Not only are they great fun but they can also assist with walking development and encourage active play.

You can find a great range of beautiful wooden baby toys online. These make great gifts for babies and young children. Quality wooden toys are safe and durable and will last for many years. These robust toys will stand up to lots of vicious play and can often be repaired if damaged. Many families pass wooden toys down to the next generation so this can be a great investment.

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